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The Oldest One

Temperance Suggestions

Noble Bankrupts

Aphorism by an Old Bachelor

Tight Squeezing

Hard Cyphering

Nature's Nobleman

Literature Analized

Keep at Work

Game Keeping in England

A Calf Story

Townsend's Horizontal Pipes

Frozen Together


Another Tough Story

An Extensive Town in Prospect

Wire Bridges

An Engineering Difficulty

A New Idea

The Nomination of Gen. Taylor

Singing in Primary Schools

Powder Mill Explosions

No Spanish Railroads

Colossal Candelabra

Lake Superior

Thirteen More New Papers

A Deep Interest in the Earth

The Manufacture of Paper

Factory at Alexandria

Signs of the Times

Ranlet's Architect

Portrait of Gen. Taylor

U. S. Mint

The Wonders of Nature and Art

“Good News from a Far Country.”

Startling Occurrence

School for Rogues

Iron Bridge Rail

A Smuggler with Four Millions of Money

The Temperance Reform

Machinery for Confections

A Pattern Justice

Singular Occurrence

Ocean Steam Navigation

Locomotive Struck by Lightning

Annealing Zinc

Wheel Cultivator


Chinese Women


Earthquakes, Lightning, Snow and Rain

A Temperance Holocaust

French Court Dress


Improved Spring

Improved Bee Hives

Improve Rail Fastenings

The Fumic Propeller

Paine's Marine Locomotive

Cast-Iron Steel

Improvement in Mill Saws

Austin's Perpetual Motion

An Excellent Project

Insensibility to Pain

A Noble Effort

The Scientific American

Commissioners' Report

To New Subscribers

The Ordnance Department

Steam Coaches

Lake Michigan

Albany Agate and Glass Works

Cincinnati and Hamilton Railroad, and Improvements in Ohio

Value of Coins

Mammoth Wire Rope

Advantages of Two Legs


Redemption Institute at Hamburgh

History of Architecture

Enterprize in Cincinnati

Preserving Flowers

Let'em Alone

Recruiting by Telegraph

First Volume

Intelligence Extraordinary

The St. Louis Reveille

Profitable Speculation

To Wash Brass or Copper With Sliver

Curious Arts

Portable Cottages

To Write in Various Colors With the Same Pen and Ink

The Art of Painting


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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