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The How and the Where and the Which and the When

M'Carthys Paddle Wheel


Distance Between Boston and New York by the Norwhich Route

All's Well That Ends Well

A Kentucky Search Warrant

Gen. Taylor and the Presidency

Paper Glass

Mr. Austin's Theory

Paying Damages

Route of the Great Western Rail Road


Southern Cotton Factories

A Gallant Irishman

Served Him Right

Horses and Dogs

Wind Ship

Immense Business

Immense Flight of Pigeons

Increase of Property in Boston

Another Jehu Case

Egg Trade


Expensive Publication

Extravagant Language

A Young Howard

Commerce of Mexico

Cause and Effect

African Colonization

Thayer's Truss Bridge

Connecting the Oceans

Columbian Magazine

The Celebration

Deep Fog

The Weather, &C


Latest From Mexico

An Original Character

Genius and Daring of a Highwayman

Doctor Jocko

Extraordinary State of the Atmosphere

Fair Comparison

Trust to the End

Dupuy & Steven's Corn Sheller

Modern Versus Ancient

New Carding Machine

Safety Apparatus for Steam Boilers

Hoe's Fast Press

Wm. Hanley & Co.'s Improved Waterville Paint Mill

Hydraulic Engine

Improved Mail Bags

Magic Table

Gold Pens

The Gallant Mississippians

Mechanic's Institutions

Scientific Prophecy

How to Reach the North Pole

India Rubber

Marine Camels

To New Subscribers

The Centre of the Universe

Coal Hunting

Capital Punishment

Age of Plants

The Telescope and Microscope

The Famine Fast

The Spirit of Progress

The Scientific American

The New Comet

History of Architecture

Importance of Improving Time

L. Plant's Corn Planter

Derby and its Manufactures

Triumphs of Labor

Good for the Blood

Another Great Fudge

Do You Wish

First Volume

Bagley's Patent Extension Penholder and Pencil

The New York Scientific American

To Dye Silk a Brilliant Gold Color

The Art of Painting

To Dye Silk a Brilliant Silver Color

Steam Superseded

Illuminated Rats

Mitre Geer

Mechanical Movements

The Hydraulic Ram


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May 01, 1847

Confronting Common Wisdom