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A Question in Law

A Curious Connection

Diamond Cut Diamond

Variety at Sea

An Astronomical Pun

Pride of Ancestry


The Root of All Evil

The Voice of Labor

A Wise Law

A Swarm of Bees

Santa Anna to the Minister of War

Railroad Iron in Maine

Improvement in the Daguerreotype

Christianity in China

Bridging the Ohio

The Army

Railroad Enterprise

Vote of Thanks to Gen. Taylor

Route to Egypt

Quick Work

The Inventor's Institute

Route from Vera Cruz to Mexico

Large Fee

Death of a Powerful Monarch

The Highest Fountain

Slocum's Cotton Press

Help Yourselves to Pork

Extraordinary Fact

Coming! Coming!

Recent Fires

Canine Sagacity

A Beautiful Picture

The Omniscience of God

Extraordinary State of the Atmosphere

Evil Influence of Fashion


Singular Discovery in Mississippi

Improvement in the Magnetic Telegraph

Russell's Uranoscope

New Fish Trap

Improvement in Carriages


Important Improvement in Steam Engines

The Western Telegraph

India Rubber Buffer Springs

The Planets

What a Change

Blacksmith's Work

The Age of Progress

To New Subscribers

The Scientific American

Substitute for Repudiation

The United States Patent Office

Plank Roads

Enterprise in Utica

Thompsonville Carpet Manufactory

Patents in Europe

Electricity--Smelting Copper by it--Inventions, &C

Foreign Items

History of Architecture

The Fortunes of Inventors

First Volume

Glass Roofed Streets

Circular and Rectilinear Motion

The Art of Painting

On Sowing Flower Seeds

To Wash Iron With Tin

The New York Scientific American

The Regulator


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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May 08, 1847

Confronting Common Wisdom