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An Eccentric Character

Sage Remarks

A Mother School

The Schoolmaster Wanted

A Lay for the Mass

Canine and Feline Fishers

Whitman's Horse-Rake

Apportionment of Time


A Wren's Nest in a Jacket Pocket

Wooden Bread

Cookess Wanted

Slave Property Falling

New Invention Reports

Heat of the Flame of Oxyhydrous Gas

Tinning Cast Iron

The Favorite Name

Singular Casualty

Further and Further from Mexico

The Boston Machinists

Poverty and Polemius

A Cow Community

Natural Compass

From Mexico

Cruelty and Cowardice

The Recent Illumination

National Courtesy

Deferred Articles

The Pittsburg Editors

American Phrenological Journal

Mutual Satisfaction

You Catch 'em, We Kill 'em

Too Bright

Appeal Not in Vain

A Tunnel

A Traitor

A Fool's Heart is in His Pen

Captured Cannon

A Strange Animal

Say No

Interesting Coincidence

Taylor on the Battle Field


A Village for Sale

Wealth of the River Amazon, South America

More Files

Light Artillery

The Fortunes of Inventors

French Sash-Fastener

Supremacy of the Human Animal

A Curlous Safety Lock

Embossing Picture-Frames

Telegraph Improvements

New-Fashioned Railroad

Improved Vertical Water Wheel

Important Invention

New Spark Arrester

The Economic Gas Burner

Greatest Water Fall in Europe

True Humanity

To New Subscribers

The Scientific American

The Beauties of Capital Punishment



Reformation of Language

Iron in Alabama

Eastern Manufactures

Bristle Dressing at Cincinnati

Origin of Negro Slavery

Zinc Statues

Ancient Astronomical Knowledge

Newspaper Notices

A Remedy

An Ancient Amphitheatre

Oriental Servility

History of Architecture

Gun Cotton for Blasting

Cuts and Engravings

First Volume

Good Rail Way Regulation

To Give Wood a Gold, Silver or Copper Lustre

The Art of Painting

New Application of Ether

Foot Power

Pillar Roses

The Spiral Float or Fan

The New York Scientific American

An Unexplored Torrent

A Beautiful Flower


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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