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A Stumper

Jack Tars at Vera Cruz


Whitney's Improved Wiring Machine

Epistle to the Editors

A Careful Woman

A Gentle Hint

An Army of Colporteurs

Late From Europe

Legacy Lost

Late From Mexico

Keep it Before the People

Boston Water Works

Precocious Housekeepers

Change of Front

Chinese Enterprise


A Sorry Blank

Durability of Oak

The Power of the Press

The Quickest Trip

Trade in Mexico

Grand Rapids

German Colony

Gold Leaf

Southern Eloquence

Specie by the Ton

The Latest Method of Raising the Wind

The Widow of Gen. Pike

No License in Boston

A Modest Editor

American Iron

The Fortunes of Inventors

Rara Avis


Complete Union


An Old Ship

Removing Incrustation in Boilers

Prevention of Fire

Drowning vs. Storming

Farming Utensils of the Mexicans

Grand Improvement in Iron Manufacture

New Corn Drying Machine

Æolian Harp

Musical Ceilings

Sowing Flower Seeds

The Spider's Thread

New Rotary Brick Machine

A Fanning Chair for Summer

Æolian Improvement

A Huge Vine

Puddling Iron

Substitute for Hemp

The Boston Lines

Travelling in the Air

The Southern Magnetic Telegraph

Freak of Lightning

To New Subscribers


Index to the New York Municipal Gazette

Austin's Perpetual Motion

Professional and Mechanical Remuneration

Miss Herschell

Moose in Maine

Mexico City

The New Postage Law

They Will Not be Permanent

Good Society

A Good Sign

American Seamstresses

Prolonged Sport

Pernicious Papers

AirLine Rail Road Between New York and Boston

Power of Song

History of Architecture

The Sugar Cane


Materials for Confiagration


Relief Item


First Volume

Fruit Trees

To Make Letters or Flowers of Blue on Polished Steel

Enameling Cast Iron

Composition Ornaments

The Bent Lever

The Art of Painting

Scientific American

Mechanical Movements


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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May 22, 1847

Confronting Common Wisdom