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New Way to Peace

Dan Rice's Coach

A Matrimonial Adventure

Swearing in Hebrew

Labor Song

Western Enterprise

The Light of Science

The Laugh of a Child


Another American Newspaper in Mexico

A Slave Case

Late from Mexico

The Colonel Stanton

“The Power of Prayer”

Heirs to Great Fortunes

Curious Effect of Contrast

Burning of Factories

Small Business

Recent Fires

Going Over to the Enemy

Electric Velocity

The Albany Telegraph

Settling Up

Opposition to Improvements

City Improvements

That Corner Stone

A Great Circulation

Not So Bad as Reported

Forbidding the Banns


Outdoor Labor in Switzerland

Triumph of American Mechanics

Speak No III

Poor Jack

Improved Locomotive Engine

Shaw's Double Spectacle Frame

Cooperage Machinery

Stars Missing

Potatoe Digging Machine

Self-Replenishing Boiler

Mechanism of the Human Foot

Improvement in the Manufacture of Iron

War Against the Bible

American Newspapers in Mexico

Improvement in Locomotion

To New Subscribers

The Mexican War: The Motives and Effects Thereof

The Climate of England

The Battle or Buena Vista

More Yankee Enterprise

Commodore Perry

The Scientific American

Baltimore Morning Star

Iron Manufactures in Maine

Yankee Architecture

The President's Visit to New York

Another Dreadful Shipwreck

Circular Inclined Plane

Philadelphia and Norristown Railroad

Mechanical Movements

The Inventor's Institute

Fitzgerald's Gun

New Telegraph Line

Farming Utensils of the Mexicans

Carpenter's Theorem

Galvanized Iron

The Oregon Rail Road

First Volume

Oliver & Brother, Printers

Robert Merry's Museum

Great Clock at Strasburg

A Fountain of Fire

A Cheap Imitation of Silver Bronze

Landscape Painting

Case Hardening Iron


Moorish Cement

To Tin Copper by Belling

An Expansible Currency

To Prepare an Imitation of Gold Bronze

The New York Scientific American


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    To Correspondents

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