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Up, Brothers, Up

Hurry Burly

Speak No Ill

Legal Wit

Yankee Calculation

Pope's Skull

Fascination, or Philosophy of Charming

The Great Britain Steamer

The Largest Churches in the World

Fleeting Shower Bath

The New York Organ

Poisoned by Hemlock

Australian Copper Mines

Recent Fires

The Money Pressure in England

Remedy for Cancer

State Bank at Elizabeth, N. J.

Stone Oil

Quick Work

The Illustrated Sun

British Coin

Singular Discovery

Tall Weaving

Beautiful Incident

Calvary Church

Berkshire Iron

Borrowed Plumes

Gold Washing

Latest from Mexico

Leather Trade of Ohio

To Relieve Colic in Horses


New Era in Navigation

Manufacture of Paper in the United States

New Use of Ether

The Lungs

The Agency of Science

The Magnet

Geological Wonders in Alabama

Polish Honey

The Weather, &c.

Pottery Compounds

Prussian Blue

Beauty and Music

The Man Monkey

Ten Eyck's Apparatus

The Locomotive Superseded

Patent Clock

Heat Without Fuel

Patent Safety Traces

Anti-Inflammable Cotton

Rodmer's Improved Marine and Stationary Engines

Brewster's Reversing Plough

Corn Dryer

Goddard's Rotary Engine

Judson's Stave Dressing Machine

Treadwell's Feeder--Again

Ventilating Glass

New Method of Producing Medals

New Propellers

A Great Invention

Printing on Canvass

American Ingenuity

Ships on Fire

To New Subscribers

English Navigation Laws

The Mechanical Genius of the Ancients, Wrongly Directed

The Planet Neptune

Ingot Copper

Rotary Engines


Southern Factories

The Scientific American


Universal Penny Postage

Another Chain of Railroad

Buffalo and its Commerce

Woolen Manufactures

Iron Trade of America

Antediluvian Monsters


Formation of Rocks

Correct Time

Construction of Sea Walls and Break-Waters

The Oregon Rail Road

Iowa State Debt

First Volume

Our Worcester, Mass., Patrons

The Yankee Blade

The Art of Painting

Alternate Motion

Pass it Round

Photagenic Drawing

Wood Vinegar

The New York Scientific American

Cheap Carpeting

Artificial Light

Purifying Water


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June 12, 1847