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The Young Idea Harpooning

English Travellers

A Friend

Ins and Outs

New Mode of Calculating Time

The Power of Suction

The Little Candle

The Mining Journal and American Rail Road Gazette

Curious Effect of Contrast


Late from Mexico

Cost of Monarchical and Republican Governments

All May Learn

A Remarkable Cavern

A Gift

Important Decision

Hints about Food

Food Riots

Application of Ether for Insanity

Advance of Tolls

New Oyster Bed

How to Treat Lard

Hail at the South

The Minerals of Mexico

Cherokee Literary Institutions

Accident From a Fluid Lamp

A Large Casting

Whale Fisheries in Connecticut

Splitting Saws

A Simple and Correct Barometer

New Method of Sewing Boots

Vessel Building at Essex

The Children of Lafayette

Telegraph Under Water

Rocking Stone

Novel Distress

The Tear and Sigh

Cheap Paint for Barns

Tight Lacing


Construction of Magnetic Wires

Dwellings for the Poor in Villages


The Weather, &c


New Stamping Machine

New Boot Crimping Machine

Improvement in Wooden Screws

Mud Machine

Cement for Floors

Another Smoke Consumer

Paper Glass

Valuable Invention

Great Improvement in Journals for Steam Engines

Rosin Paving

Oil of Stones

Metallic Hub, Spoke and Rim

Preserving Life in Case of Shipwreck

Towing Vessels

Progress of Speed

Phenomena of Light

To New Subscribers

“Empire House,” Syracuse

The Scientific American

New Speculation

Motion, Resistance, and Effect on Machinery

Grand Demonstration of the Mechanics at the Tabernacle

Florida Turpentine

The Age of Iron and Steam

The Oregon Railroad

New Discovery of Lead

Mahogany Ships

Depend on Yourself

Death by Sorrow

Subterranean Rivers

Formation of Rocks

The Oregon Rail Road

Turning the Penny

Providence, Rhode Island

Chapman's Drawing Book

First Volume

Rectilinear Motion

Lacquer for Brass

The Atmosphere

A Natural Æollan Lyre

The Art of Painting

Method of Supporting Trees

To Give Tin the Whiteness and Brilliancy of Silver

Something New

India Rubber Arm


  • Letters

    To Correspondents

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