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A Night Thought


It's All a Mistake

Alexander Pope

Lake Superior Copper

Ethiopia Changing Her Color

Compensation for Mob-Law

Steam Boat Burnt

Rutland and Whitehall Rail Road

A Sad Event, if True

A Rail Road Convention

Lady Legislators

Durable Water Pipes

Central Railroad


A Relic

Locomotive on a Highway

Laborers Wanted

Improvement in the Magnet's Power


Davison's Hot Air Furnace

The Long Island Railroad Company

British Coining

American Iron

Post Office Stamps

A New Speculation

Improved Mode of Smoking Hams


Important for Sailing Vessels

Unruly Locomotive

Convention at Chicago

A Great Fire

Important Rail Road Movements


The Crops



French Steamers

The Weather, &C.

Singular Phenomena

Never Despair

Education in Prussia

Awful Event

Curious Discovery

Boy Carried Over Niagara Falls

Pontoon Bridge

Ship Navigation by Canals

Iron Shingles

New Thrashing Machine

Machine for Making Bungs

Improvements in the Power of the Magnetic Telegraph

Fulton's War Steamer

Electric Machine

Nail Cutting Machine

Leather Clock

Valve Hats

Table of Screw Cutting Machine


Peg Splitting Machine

Smith's Stave Dressing Machine

Schools of Design

Cheap Fare to Montreal

Free Schools

The Progress of Useful Science



Splendid Astronomical Instrument

To New Subscribers

A Great Statesman Gone

A Great Mathematician Gone

Lake Superior Copper and Silver

Sudden Conversion of Iron into Steel

Patent Mile Index

A Discovery

Honest Worth


Cure for the Bite of a Rattle Snake

The Kaleidoscope

Singular Explosion

The History of Printing

An Invisible Lake

Columbian Magazine

Bagley's Gold Pens

A Card

Old Musical Instruments Superseding the New

To Fasten Black Color on Cotton Goods

Cleaning Kid Gloves

Red Ants

Circular, Perpendicular Motions

Receipt for Making Biscuit

The New York Scientific American

The Art of Paintigs

To Keep Up Sash Windows

To Cure Warts

Iron Wire

To Frighten Mosquitoes

Composition Buildings


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June 26, 1847

Confronting Common Wisdom