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What a Day May Bring Forth

A Dandy

Losing a Character

Progress of the Republic

A Boy Adopted by a Wolf

Peeled the Bark Off

God Speed the Right

A Yankee Pedlar

A Puzzler

Have I Paid the Printer

Direct from the Atlantic to Detroit

New Way to Measure Milk

Latest News From Mexico

Great Telegraphic Experiment



Pennsylvania Coal Trade

A Colapse

Great Outrage

Glass for Piano Keys

British Post Office

An Elopement and Rescue


Collection for Ireland

The Truth

The Road to Mexico


Washington Monument

Magnetic Telegraph

Southern Crops

Foreign Items

Female Labor

Rapid Travelling

A Hermit

A Fish With a Gold Ring

Washington City


Sheep Shearing


Electric Clock

Anonymous Munificence

Roman Mosaic Manufactory

The Orphan Bride

Reverence for Age

Novel Invention by Punch--A Piano to be Played Upon by the Toes

Milk and Strawberries

The Spider's Thread

The Present Age

Profits of Trash

Sheathing Metal

New Use for Glass

New Method of Making Glass and Iron

Locomotive Speed and Improvement

Improvement in Light Houses

Harvesting Machine

New Mode of Propelling Vessels

New Kind of Churches

Bridge at the Point of Rocks

Andraud's Compressed Air System of Propulsion

Water in Place of Oil

Bulkley's Corn Dryer

Apparatus for Decreasing the Loss of Heat in Locomotives

Telegraph Printing


Damages for Violating a Patent

Mechanics Mutual Protections

The Scientiflc American

Transverse Motion

Telescopic Vision

Cheap Fuel in the West

To New Subscribers

Telegraph Shipwreck

Reciprocating Rectilinear Motion

Our Country

Lead at Galena

Important Decision

Old Psalm Tunes

London Docks

A Big Bone

The History of Printing

Powder Mill Explosion

Sale of Joseph Bonaparte's Estate

A Card

The American Architect

A Philanthropist

Missionary News

Relies from the Wreck of a Former World

Patrons of the Mechanics' Journal

A New Sea Steamer


How to Color Green

Hatching Fish

Hit it at Last

Curiosities of Art

The Weathercock

The New York Scientific American

Stockings, the Feet, &C.

Relief for Tooth Ache

Singular Streams


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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