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Agreeable Conversation

Robbing a Poetess

My Husband Uses Tobacco

Cleon and I

Clerical Plainness

Good for His Size

A Good Reason

Drum Joke


An Egg Within an Egg

Melancholy Accident

Cap, the Calculator

Arrival of Breadstuffs

Ship Building in New York

New Cluster of Stars

Soda Coffee

The Honest Way of Doing Business

Curious Results of Ventillation

The Vesper Bell

Odd Fellows

How to Make a Ploughman

Palm Leaf Hat Pressing

The Vine

The Way the Money Goes

Worth or Produce

Washington Monument

A Mexican Trophy

A Little More Grape

Whitney's Rail Road


Iron Fences

Late From Europe

A Big Pebble

Experiment in the Telegraph Battery

Late From Mexico

Female Labor

Glass Pens

Fire in Manchester


Beautiful Carriage

Carpenters Wanted

Suffrage Question

The Man Who Took Percussion Pills

Immigration Via Quebec

Gutta Percha

Diameter of the Stars

How to Destroy Fever Malaria

A Singular Idiot Bee Eater


Watering Streets

Cheap Gas Apparatus

Fulton's Water Steamer

New Fleeting Bath

New and Important Hydraulic Invention

Great Improvement in Iron Manufacture

Improvement in Oiling Journals

Improvement in Reaction Water Wheels

A New Plough

Patent Roofing Felt

Ancient Manuscript


The Scientific American

Oregon and California

To New Subscribers

Valuable for Hot Climates

Increase of the Human Family

Ventilation and Health

Agriculture and Horse Power Machines

Railroad Iron

An Expensive Strawberry in Embryo

All of a Name

Money Found

Fog or Mist

Silver Mines

Singular Magnetic Attraction of Mud

Nature Adapted to the Wants of Man

The History of Printing

Dignity of Labor

How Abuses Have Their Origin

A Great Work

Manufactures of Providence, Rhode Island

Fair of the American Institute

Mechanics' Bell

Remarkable Petrifying Spring

A Card

Patrons of the Mechanics' Journal

Ploughing by Steam

Purchase of a Railroad

Manufacture of Lenses


Parallel From Circular Motion

The New York Scientific American

Good Coffee

The Common Windlass

The Art of Painting

Singular Phenomenon


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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July 10, 1847