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Traits of the Hodmen

Thrilling Incident

Remarkable Properties of Guano

Comic Song for Young Ladies

Wont Believe It

Novel Sport

Orton's Drummond Light

Turn About's Fair Play


Verdict of the Poor

Telegraph Lines

Ship Blocks

Death of Lieutenant General Sir Colin Campbell

A Donation

Just Punishment

Cotton in France

Wool at Canandaigua

The Uses of a Palace

Iron Works and Agriculture of Tennessee

Horse Awning

Sawing Planks

Cheap Travelling

Advice to Young Men

A Loving Hug

Tonnage of The United States

Large Bell

Inventor's Claims

Home Compendium

New Mode of Water Power

A Blue Offer

The Mechanics' Association in Richmond

Health of New York

Water Wheels

A Large Raft

The Lancaster Cotton Factory, Pa

Spendid Car

Early Rising

An Old Engine

Progress of The United States

Agriculture and Horse Power Machines

Libraries in The United States

The Star Spangled Banner

Pennsylvania Coal

Virtue Alone Gains Respect

The Bible

Ingenious Smuggling

Plank Roads

New Discoveries in Asia Minor

Steam in Great Britain

Gas Manufacture


Amputating Saw

A New Washing Machine at Cincinnati

Locomotive for Ascending Inclines

Reid's Improvements in the Manufacture of Electro-Telegraphic Wire

A New Kind of Rifle

Improvement in the Ox Yoke

Hyde's Lathe Chuck

New Shafting Bearing

Testimony to a Real Deserver

Cloth Measure Register

New Corn Dryer

The Flour Trade

Progress of the Cotton Manufacture

Circular and Rectilinear Motion

New Comet

Trade of Orleans

The New American Steamers

Pile Driver

To New Subscribers

The Scientific American

Manufactures in Russia

Love-Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots

Steam and Sailing Lines

Blackberry Syrup

Author of the Letheon

Mechanics' Institutions

Arrival of The Washington Steamer in Kingland

Foreign Correspondence



A Great Undertaking

The American Architect

A New Magazine

Mechanics Mutual Protection

Chemistry: Its Application to Agriculture, &C.

Ranlett's Architect

Woman: Her Education and Influence

Sublime Model for an Artist

Splendid Cars

Scientific American

Mosaic Gold

Important Discovery

Gutta Percha

Great at Figures

Gum Elastic

The Art of Painting

Advice on the Use of Spectacles


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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