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Issued from the United States Patent Office

Steam Engines in St. John

Freaks of a Sailor

Look Forward

Half or Three-Quarters

The Weather and the Crops

Musical Fish

What a Hog Can Do

Nonsuiting a Creditor

A Queer Chap

Clark's Fraction Horse Power

Newburgh Yacht


Office Hunting


Late From Mexico


Gold and Silver Mines of America

Gold and Silver Ore


Melancholy Accident

Ship Ventilation

Hudson River Railroad

Melancholy Effects of Folly

British and French Railroads


New Hydraulic Apparatus

Uses of Wood

Canada Mining

Changing Gear

New York Canals

Chapel of the Medici

A New Invention

A Model Factory

Coal-Fields in Virginia

Industrial League

Knapp's Summer Beverage

Foreign Officials


A Steam Horse

The Abuse of Ether

The Albany Knickerbocker on the Dignity of the Lowly

Copper and Silver Mines, Mexico

The American Mechanic

The Calculating Negro

The Chinese Junk

Idle Daughters

To Construct a Cheap Galvanic Pile

Western Boats

Improvements in Calico Printing

Wire Fences

Yeaman's Improved Wheat Fan

Purifying Oils

Double Acting Water Wheel

Refining Tallow

Self-Moving Ferry Boats

Gutta Percha Hose Cylinder

Another Corn Dryer

Electric Telegraph of Philadelphia

Atmospheric Railway

Singular Patent

The Square of the Circle

Improved Power Loom

Improved Truss

A Dark Picture

Over the Sea Curiosities

Acquire Information

Albany Agate and Glass Works

Government Steamers

Ancient Minehead

The Screw

Hand Loom Weaving


Smelting Copper Ore

Mistakes of Science

To New Subscribers

One in a Thousand

Wives of Working Men

Cleaning Harness

Supposed Population of the World

A Vegetable Snake

Steam Navigation in South America

General Taylor's Portrait

Mechanical Force of the Cataract of Niagara

An Echo

The Teeth

Height of Water in the Lakes

Times' Improvements in the Oiling of the Journals of Railroad Cars

First Volume

Mechanics Mutual Protections

Solution of Silk

Buckwheat for Coloring

New Stone

Aventurine Glass

Drugged Liquors

Scientific American

Gutta Percha

Golden Glass


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    To Correspondents

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July 24, 1847

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