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Water Filterer for Steam Engines

Couplings for Cars


Reaping Machine

Grinding Tools

New. Pon Honor

Laugh, Lady, Laugh

An Industrious Woman

Accident to a Professor of Chemistry

Love-Letter Ink

Late from Mexico

What is Doing on the “Great Father of Rivers.”


Curious Fact


A New Manufacturing Company

Mechanics Mutual Protection

Copper Ore

San Pedro Expedition

A Humbug Exploded

Interesting Geological Discoveries


Copper From the Sault

Pennsylvania Coal

Another Comet

Something New

Shipment of Bread Stuffs

Home Manufacture for Foreign Use

The Sun and Moon in Danger

Shingle Palace

An Earthquake at Glen's Falls

Wonderful Cave

Free Navigation of the St. Lawrence

The Mexican Plough

Beneficial Effects of Ventilation

Lamp and Candle Flame


The Discoverer of the Drummnond Light


Motion of Comets

Wonders of Nature

The Broken Heart

Chalk and Coal Fires

A Curious Discovery in Natural History

The Way to Grow Big

Cure for Deafness

Fire Clay Alum

Sailing Trunk

Atmospheric Tides

New Boiler Feeder

New Style of Carpets

India Rubber Springs for Carriages

Hedge's Corn Sheller

New Spring Awl

Musical Instruments

Wrought Iron Tube Machine

Improved Passenger Car

New Wagon Springs

New Life-Buoy

Blast Lathe

Bee Hive

Mental Developement

Western Railroad

Arch Head


War Steamers

Exploring Expedition

To New Subscribers

Discovery of a New Cave

Middletown, Ct. Manufactures

Grand Rapids Michigan

Carbonic Gas

Uniformity in the Universe

Walking and Riding

Foreign Items

Spontaneous Combustion

Elllicott's, Harper's Ferry, Wheeling, &C

Cobre Copper Mines

The Women of California

Singular Accident to a Snipe

Heroism in a Child

The Perils of Mining


New Telegraph Lines

Literary Notices

Columbian Magazine

Making Brick by Machinery

Union Magazine

Wyeth, the Artist

Landscape Painting on Walls of Rooms

Electric Incandescence of Charcoal Points


Assaying Metals

Microscopic Wonders

Magic Mirrors

Daguerrotyping Lightning

Scientific American


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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