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An Amusing Incident

Investors Claims

Rotary Steam Engine

The Little Moles

A Lesson for Scolding Wives


Printing Press

A Patent Boot Jack

Painting to the Life

A Query

Stiff Knee and Stiff Neck

The Menai Bridge

Phrenological Journal

Bursting of a Forge Cinder

Niagara Falls

Rothchild's Taxes

Silver by the Ton

Late from Europe

Skeleton of the Regiment

Value of Newspapers

Donation to The Washington Monument

Mechanics Tee-Total Voyagers

Old Snuff Box

State Papers

Parisian Carpenters

A Great Tree


Extensiveness of the Perspiratory System

Sulphuric Acid in Agriculture

Balloon Explosion

Syracuse and Oswego Rail Road

An Editor's Apology


Improved Telegraph Tubes

Improved Barometer

Kind Words do Not Cost Much

Progress of the United States

United American Mechanics

A New Railroad

Disbudding Fruit Trees

A Peruvian Paradise

Working for a Living


Perils of Falsehood

Four Graves

Suspension Railroad

Improvement in the Locomotive Engine

New Parasol Spring

Newly Invented Loom

A New Propeller

Mechanical Manipulation

A Novel and Simple Engine

Paine's Marine Locomotive

Steam Ice Cream

New Coal Shute

Musical Clock

Galvanic Discovery

Alternate Circular Motion

The Ice Trade

Astronomical Research

The Relationship of Science

The Scientific American

A Mechanic Nobleman

Consumption of Fuel

To New Subscribers

Curiosities Sold

Lightning and Telegraph Wires

Oil Saver

Vibratory Motion

Mechanical Movements

Water Wheels

Editor Turned Artist

Steam in Great Britain

Steamers from New Orleans to England

Hanging Bridges of South America

Isthmus of Panama Canal

Poison by Respiration

A Live Talking Machine

The Trunk Boat

Railroads in Great Britain

Southern Manufactories

Wheeling, its Manufactures, &c. &c

Southern Correspondence

Philadelphia Luxury

Patent Agency

Officers of Mechanics Mutual Protections

Remedy for Fever and Ague

Experiments in Gun Cotton

Valuable Recipe

Landscape Painting on Walls of Rooms

The Art of Painting




Precious Stones

Test to Detect Arsenic

Artificial Agate


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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August 07, 1847

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