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Improvement in Machinery for Grinding Tools

Boiler Water Balance

Old Friends Together

Design for Stoves

Put a Pint in That

Design for Spoons and Forks

Suicide by a Gazelle

Improvement in Forming Bricks

Improvement in Straw Cutters

Emphasising Words

Machines for Paring Apples

Lumber Destroyed

Editorial Courtesy

Scotch Courtesy to America

Likeness of Gen. Taylor and His Steed

Large Yield

Government Steamer

Labor Saving Soap

Coin Chart

Platinising by the Moist Way

Large Farm

From Mexico

Channing on Inhalation of Ether

American Gretna Green

Reflection of Heat

Royal Jewels

Ornamental Metal Surfaces

Splendid Mirage in Paris

A New Regulator

Improvement in Orchestra Boxes

Bread in a Barrel of Flour

Wind Ship

Singular Custom

Ocean Steam Navigation

Experience a Good Teacher

Remarkable Presence of Mind

New Tricks

The Vampire Bat of Brazil

Steel of the Ancients

Application of Heat to Water

Improving Time

Good Farming

Effects of Manufactures Upon Population

Monstrous Regiment of Women

Illustrious Exemplars

Female Form

How to Preserve Health

Female Sculptor

Cotton in England

New Calculator

Great Invention

Veneering Machine

Patent Safety Tubes for Life Boats

Metallic Carriage Shaft

Simple Revolving Churn

Meat and Fruit Preserver

Montgomery's Patent Steam Boiler

Discovery in Magnetism

Planeing Machine

Razor Strops

Glue Made Waterproof

Plumbers' Irons

Hours of Labor

The Western Trade

Copper Ore

Relationship of Science

Sad Accident

New England Slavery and New England Newspapers

Steamboat Fare

Transmission of Power

Cast-Iron Rail Road Bridges

Yankees Everywhere

Cotton Thread

To New Subscribers

Railroad Bridge

Circular and Rectilinear Motion

What Temperance Can do

Discoveries in Central Africa

Telegraph, Railroads, Ether. & C

Race With an Indian


Great Fire at Nashua


Artificial Water Power

Foreign Miscellany

Enormous Railroad Receipts

Vol. 1 Scientific American

Mechanics' Mutual Protection

Patent Agency

This Art of Painting

Landscape Painting on Walls of Rooms

Recipe for Burns

The Archimedean Balloon


Diamond Dust

Deaths From Punctures in Dissection

To Render Visible the Opposite Currents into Which Fluids are Thrown Whilst They Change Their Temperature

Freezing Water

Stone Rope

Preparation of Coffee

Singular Galvanic Experiment


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August 14, 1847

Confronting Common Wisdom