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Standing Guard

Bachelor's Lament

Precocious Genius

Hitching the Cussed Thing

Dialogue Between a Man in Want of Work and a Man in Want of a Workman

Tall Trees

Hatch's Stop Motion for Looms--Figure 1

Served Him Right


Fog Bells

Copper Mine in New Jersey

White Whale

The Greek Slave

Perpetual Motion

Emigration in Canada

Steam Hod Carriers

Obtaining Patents in France


American Telegraphs

Heating the Oven and Cooking

Absence of Mind

The Akron Æolian

Postal Negotiation

Railroads in Germany

Good Profits

A New Enterprise

The Telegraphic Wires

Parasols in the Drawing Room

Ladies' Pages

From Mexico

The Ring

Pasteboard Shoes

Co-Operation Trading Society

Creatures with Thousands of Eyes


The Cambridge Telescope

Nutritious Value of Bones

Father is Coming

Lead Pipes in Cisterns

Curiosities of the West

Bridges in Texas

Curious Tenure

Strange Discovery


A Strange People

A Novelty in Sculpture

Fireproof Cement

Improvement in Locomotives

New Stave Dressing Machine

Barrel Making at Oswego

Lighthouse Light

Spark Arresters

Coupling for Railroad Cars

Percussion Cap Machine

Iron Carriage Wheel

Vulcanized India Rubber

Street Sweeping Machine

Lathe Chucks for Very Small Saws

Smoke Consumer

Magic Carriage Step

Æolian Attachment

On the Construction of Chimneys

Steamer North America

The Utility and Pleasures of Science

New Beacon Light at St. Joseph

To New Subscribers

Never Saw a Railroad

Cast Iron Houses

Mechanical Movements

Rotary Steam Engine

Coal for Steam Engines

Clock Work

Longitude and the Electric Telegraph



A Bank Safe Blown up and Robbed

Connecticut Genius

Plowing in Ancient Peru

A Dog Story


Clouds and Light on the Crescent

Whaling Gun

A Useful Hint for Prosy Chairmen

Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehannah Railroad Company

Vol. 1 Scientific American

Daugerrian Establishment

Patent Agency

Tincture of Roses

Medicine for Hogs

Improved Galvanizing Process

Manufacture of Shell Cameos

How a Farmer Out West Preserves His Eggs

The Art of Painting

Science for the Kitchen

To Keep a Way the Moth

A Castle of Chemical Ice

New Method of Cleansing the Lenses of Telescopes

Chinese Mode of Fishing

To Have Good Teeth

A Snake Story


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    To Correspondents

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