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“The Leg I Left Behind Me.”

Guyon's Compound Lever Press


North River Traveling

Strength of Affection

Striking Anecdote

Afar From the World

A Western Introduction


A New Town of Brooklyn

Great Lantern

How to Make an Enemy



Save Your Bones

Might Against Speed

Pittsburg Coal Trade


Ploughing With Elephants

Providence and Worcester Railroad

The Great Erie Railroad

Railways in Peru

The Moon

Trade of London

Hat for General Taylor

Connecticut Valley

From Mexico


Oil of Roses

New Composition for Roofing

A Hint to Young Married Women

The Corn Trade at Constantinople

The French Steamer Missouri

Valuable Alloys

The Bulk of the Earth

Ivory Pens


Spare the Birds

Physicking the Mississippi

Profits of Painters

Scientific Memoranda


Fashionable Science

A Touching Incident

Utica Steam Woolen Factory

The Acids of Tobacco

The Ruins of Nineveh or Nimrood

Too Late

Improvements in Daguerreotype Plates

New Composition

New Motive Power

Spindles for Circular Saws of Medium Size

Revolving Blind Hinge

Sewing Machine

Spark and Dust Catcher

Another Propeller

Cider Mill and Press

Clay Bottles

Patent Pocket Lock

New Propeller

Vibrating Water Trough

Humble Life

Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association

Mental Toil and Mental Science

Poor Inventors

To New Subscribers

Canton to Boston

Boston Enterprise

Brooklyn Heights

Gold Mining

Cement in Masonry

Face Wheel

The Half Ounce Letter

The Steam Engine

The Scientific American

The Constancy of Man's Love

Locomotive Improvement

Mexican Antiquities

The Inventor of Pattern Turning

Asking for Work

Blasting by Potassium

Nature and the Mind

Patent Agency

Mechanics Mutual Protection

A Splendid Map

Vol. 1 Scientific American

Chambers' Miscellany

Columbian Magazine

Venitian Atmosphere

To Prepare Bees-Wax

Modern Antiques

Camomile Destructive to Insects

Fine Flour and Whole Meal

Cure for Cancer

Recipe for Making Yeast

The Art of Painting

Chiaro Oscuro, or Light and Shade Painting on Walls

Painter's Cholic

Magnetical Experiments


  • From the Editor

    To Inventors

  • To Correspondents

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August 28, 1847

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