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Truth Shall Prevail

Kenny's Steam Corn Dryer

Serious Consideration

Centrifugal Pump

The Irishman Who Put the Horse Into the Wagon

Life's Lesson Should Be

Maintaining the Dignity of Profession

Court Quick


Portrait of Gen Taylor

Lake Superior Copper

The Guadaiquiver

The Steamer Washington

New Mode of Manufacturing Gas

Fire Engine for Tarkey

Cotton Factories

Perpetual Motion Discovered

Falls at St. Croix

Chicago Railroad

A Treasure in a Tea-Kettle

The Mining Speculation

Rope Band

Pennsylvania Iron

A Novel Idea

Reaping Machines

Female Operatives

How to Read When on the Railroad

Railroad Sunk

Canal Tolls and Capacity

Numbering Houses

Florida Wine

Profitable Speculation

Prussian Mechanics' Festival

Hollow Shafts

Cotton Manufacture in Mexico

Underground Telegraphs

Maine Ship Building

Loss of a Balloon

Compressed Air Locomotion

Anecdote of D'Alembert

Sam Patch Outdone

Indelible Ink


First Ocean Steam Engine

Couplings for Cars

Artificial Teeth Springs

Threshing Machine

Nasmyth's Steam Pile Driver

Improvements in Iron Manufacture and Coating

Tennon Cutting Machine

Mortice Machine

Improved Rotary Engine

Design of Oil Cloth Patterns

Hanley's Improved Drilling Lathe

Car Wheel Boxes

The Smoke Nuisanee

New Screw Machine

The Scientific American

American Genius and Enterprise

Changes in the Course of Trade

To New Subscribers

Lightning Speed

Mechanical Manipulations

Good Wages

Water Witch Steamer

The Hammer

North American Antiquities

Pitcairn's Island

Virginia Wheat Fields

The Best Form for Compactness

Foot Prints on the Grass

Flax and Flaxseed

Electric Velocity

The Atmosphere


Vol. 1 Scientific American

Daugerrian Gallery Gurney's

Premium Daugerrlan Gallery

American Hardware

The New York Weekly Sun

Books! Books

Agricultural Tools

Patent Agency at Washington

Magnificent Portrait of Maj. Gen. Zach. Taylor


A Literary and Family Paper the Yankee Blade


New Method of Boring Artesian Wells

The New York Scientific American

Prevention of Rust in Metals

Method of Coating Bobbin Net or Lace with Copper

Alternative Traverse Motion

Preserving Grain

The Lacometer

Composition for Roofs

Old Dressing Frame

To Measure Hay in the Mow or Stuck


Prepared Chalk

Diamond Microscopes


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    September 04, 1847

    Confronting Common Wisdom