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Silent Thunder

Them Boots

Wind Engine

A Woman's Wit

Inventors Claims

Collision on Lake Huron

Patent Agency

Cunard Line for New York

Peppermint Manufactory

New Waterfall

Steamboat Collision


New England Chesnut

Heavy Bell

Black Engineers

Water Cure in England

Market Prices in Monterey

Immense Receipt of Wool

Water Power

A Dark Clause

Woodworth's Planeing Machine

A Western Farmer

American Bible Society

Baggage Car Destroyed by Fire

The Spanish Real

New York Lamp Depot

Chinese Notions of English Carriages

Dome Struck by Lightning

Tallacotius Outdone

Steamboat Launch

Mechanics Associations

Good Advice

Iron Works Sold

Young Mechanics

The Difference

Splendid Engine Depot

Lord Byron on Clean Hands

Home and Friends


A Match for Tom Thumb

Improved Stocking Loom

Thompson's Life Boat

Patent Ink and Salts of Gold

Safety Boiler Feeder

Improved Bee-Hive

Improved Car Couplings

Scissors Grinder

Novel Invention

Improvements in Fulling Cloth

Sun Flowers

Railroad Wheels and Axles

The Turpentine Trade

The Telegraph in Canada

Peoria Bridge

To New Subscribers

Quality and Cheapness

American Chalk

American Railroads

The Scientific American

Money Spent in War

Electric Telegraph

Wrought Iron for Crank Axies

A Phenomenon

The North America Bank Vault

Railways in Peru

New York and New Haven Railroad

Coating Iron and Zinc With Copper, Without Cyanuret or Potassium

Manchester and Lawrence Railroad

Hieroglyphical Mica Plates from the Mounds

Gloucester Massachusetts Branch Rail-Road

Cheshire Railroad

An Honor to His Mother

An Artesian Well

The Mexican Gulf Railway

Singular Fact in Natural History



Extraordinary Features in the Geology of Kerguelen Island

Extraordinary Courage

Books! Books

Daugerrian Gallery

Vol. 1 Scientific American

Fifth Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association


American Hardware

Patent Agency at Washington

Magnificent Portrait of Maj. Gen. Zach. Taylor

Woodworth's Patent Planeing Machine

Te Preserve Peaches

Curious Work of Art


Dead Beat Escapement

Teeth Made of Stone

Iron and Steel

The Spider's Web

The New York Scientific American


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    Publisher's Notice

  • To Correspondents

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September 11, 1847

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