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New York Canal

Buffalo and Mississippi Rail Road

The Gastric Juice

Labor and Rest

A Cloud of Ants

Vein of Lead

English Railway

Winder's Hydraulic Engine

Western Railroad

French Rail Roads

Frailty of Man

Rich Silver Ore

Meeting of Telegraph Directors

Speak Not Harshly

New Line

Obstructing the L. I. Railroad

Hats! Hats! Hats!

State Prison Labor


Teachers' Advocate

Venerable Chairs

Treasure Recovered


Great Wheat Yleid

Accident at Wilkinsonville

Arrival of Immigrants

Rail Road Receipts

Rather Costly

A Giant Race

Mechanics' Mutual Protection

Mechanical Drawings

Boston Mechanics' Fair

A Tall One

Improvements on the Steam Engine



The Fortifications of Paris

Legal Wit

Clerical Wit


The Great Tower of Westminster

The Man, Not the Station

Delicate Compliment

The New Arsenal


American Grain

Artesian Wells

Attraction and Repulsion

Blessed are the Merciful

Salt Trade in Russia

A Windfall

New Telegraph Posts

Improvement of Wet Land

India Rubber Saddles

Electric Railway

Galvanized Spring Mattrass

Patent Weather Strips

Piston Packing for Pumps

Schnebley's Steam Engine

New Joiner's Clamp

New Button Factory

Iron Rails for Roads

Dr. Bowditch

Volume III


Water Pipes

An Important Discovery

Reaping Machines

Lighting of the Capitol at Washington With Gas

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

A New Mail Carrier

A New Railroad

A Speculation City

Fall of a Railway Viaduct in France

Fishes Tamed by a Child

Fossil Lion

Habits of Animals

Peter M. Deshong the Mathematician

Blending of Wisdom and Beauty

Patent Agency

Vol. 1 Scientific American

Overshot Wheel

Oxygen Gas

A Horticultural Feat

Persian Wheel

Wonders of Chemistry

Force of Gravity

Female Soldiers

Electropathic Operation

To Wash Flannel

To Tin Iron

To Make a Beautiful Fire-Screen

Creeping Plants

Curiosities of Art

Harness Blacking

Ice Produced in a Red Hot Crucible


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September 25, 1847

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