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Chamberlin's Drawing Board

Michigan Central Road

Railway Traffic in England

Comparison of Speed

Rail Road News

Pay, Oh! Pay Us What You Owe

A Strange Case

Magnetic Telegraph

Hartford and New Haven Railroad

Who is My Neighbor?

Disinfecting Gag

Artesian Wells


Heavy Loan

Fires in New York

The Hydrargos

Latest News

Columbian for October

Ocean Steamers

Works of Dr. Chalmers

Land Given to Settlers

Extent of The United States

Exports of the United States

Steam Power at the Falls of the Genesee

Printers Convention

New Telegraph to Philadelphia

Extension of the Lumber Market

Scotch Cotton Society

Remarkable Antiquarian Discoveries

Chinese Junk

New Line of Cunard Steamers

Walker's Effiuvia Trap

The Stethescope

The Indian and the Burning Glass

A Witty Prisoner

Lady's Wit

American Bar Eloquence

The Public Domain

Interesting Antiquarian Discoveries at Malta

Servian Charm to Obtain Rain

Science in Russia

Observance of the Sabbath

Wonderful Feat

Going Through Chancery

Food on an Acre of Land

Effect of Pavements Upon Health

Sore Throat

Nautical Pump

A Harvesting Barrow

List of Patents

Inventions and Claims

The Goldwife's Friend

Something New

Propeller for Vessels

A New Plow

Hydraulic Engine

Organic Vibrator

Mosaic Glass for Flooring

Umbrella Lock-up

Steam Plough

Oakum Picker

Reaping Machine

The State Fair

Copper and Silver Ore

Pioneer Meeting

The Scientific American

Anthracite Coal for Locomotives

Imperishable Portraits Upon Cameos

American Archaeology

Further Novelties in Glass

Horse Power

Expansive Steam Angular Beams

The Patent Office

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

A Down East Farm

Mechanics Mutual Protection

The First Introduction of Anthracite

A Cat and an Adder

Foreign Correspondence


Thorough Draining.--Irrigation

Union Magazine

Ranlett's Architecture

Temperance Melodies

Patent Agency

Washington Monument

Vol. 1 Scientific American

Chlorine Gas

Chinese Stoves

The New York Scientific American


Curiosities of Art

Circular and Reciprocating Motion

Extracting Ink From Printed Paper and Restoring it to its Original State

Chinese Telegraph

Velocity of Wheels


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