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Curions Information

Providence and Worcester Railroad

Telegraph Line

Ceylon Railway

Foreign Railways

French Railways

Oh! Is There No Sunny Isle?

St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad

Sherrod's Fan Water Wheel

Historical Fact

Teeming Industry

Wealth of Harvard College

Ram and Crime

Fair of the American Institute

Woman's Influence

The Cambridge Telescope

The Female Army of Switzerland

Foreign News

A Sad Affair

From Mexico

Mechanic's Fair at Utica

McAdamized Roads

A Tough Story

Amherst College


Another Line

Association of Geologists

Another Improvement Convention

Virginian Gold

Burn's and Shakspeare's Houses

English Chinese Collection

What is Riches

California Houses

Robert Burns

Wonders of Science

The Montour Iron Works

Jumping Locomotives

Leigh Hunt

The Pope and the Sultan

A New Island

General Torrejon

Gradual Rise of Newfoundland from the Sea

Amusing Blunder

Ancient Sculpture

Edmund Burke

Election Coffee

Boston Caricature

Stump Machine

Expanding Cannon Ball

Rope Machine

Fire Grate

Improved Wiffietrees

Ingenious Clock

Machine for Making Face Brick

Cotton and Wool Twist

Self-Acting Cheese Press


Union Safety Guage

Boot Crimping Machine

Holcomb's Hemp Brake

Electrotype and Electro-Gilding

Railroads of New York State


Impracticable and Visionary

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

The Cunard Line of Steamers

New Factory

Coal in Maine


Profitable Stock

How the Peruvians use Guano


File Bite File

Isaac & Watkins' Self-clearing Anchor

A Heavy Load

A Puzzler

The Thermal Telescope

Gun Cotton


Prevalence of Rain

Horse Power of Engines

Chambers Miscellany

Fashionable Tailoring Establishment

Launch of the Bremen Steamer

Torpedo Electric Machines

Steamboat Signals

Powder Detonating with a Purple Lights

Traverse Motion

On the Difference Which Exists between Gliding by the use of Mercury and Electro-Gildlng

Natural Gas Jets

To Boll Shad

The Telegraph among the Turks

Making Gold

The Gold Room in Windsor Castle

Carriage Guide

Hydrogen Gas



  • The Lightning Horse

  • From the Editor

    To the Correspondents

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October 09, 1847

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