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New Broad Guage Line in England

The Broad Guage

Great Western Railway

Greenock Railway

A Sagacious Bog

To Ascertain the Age of a Horse

Hudson River Railroad

Hints about Food

Perpetual Motion

Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad

Rail Road News

Move On

Napoleon's Poison

Wood's Patent

A Curious Flower

Franklin Institute

Civil War of Turkey


Consumption of Sugar

Destruction of Large Mills


The Great Fair of the American Institute

The Lasso

To Cure a Cough

A Tough One


Vaccination and Small Pox

A Crooked Fence

A Relic

The Cricket Steamboat

English Quarter

Depth of the Ocean

The Divisibility of Matter

The Yankees

Grace and Beauty

Plumbe's and Whitney's Projects for a Rail Road to the Pacific

Popping the Question

Mechanics for the War

Weight of Grain

A Lucky Escape: Thrillingly Thrilling

A Rare House

New Water Wheel

Capstan Pump

Oscilating Window Shade Rollers

Noiseless Wheel

Improvement in Propelling Screw

India Rubber Shoes

Improvement in Making Scabbards

Twisting Withes

List of Patents

Sheet Lead Machine

Bull's Stationary Chimney Top

Water Wheels

Brewster's Reversing Plough

Smith's Rotary Engine--Vertical Sectional View

Geology System Makers

The Capstan Pump

Electricity—Kite's Invention

Electrotype and Electro Gilding

Exceedingly Coppery

A Ship Canal from Montreal to the Lakes

American Railroad Iron

American Shipping

Another Use for Ether

War Weapons

March of Locomotion

Scientific American—Bound Volumes

Stone's Bed Sofa

Negro Suffrage

New Enterprize

The Rosse Telescope

The Favorite Mexican Stimulant

The Palmyra Tree

Old Boots and Shoes

Hard of Hearing

A Singular Iron Man Petrifaction

Useful Hints about Bed-rooms

Quantity of Breath in Man and Woman

Small Potatoes

Female Professorships

A Hungry Printer

The Rocks of Calvary

A Chance for Emigrants

Island City

Patent Agency

Cachu Lozenges

Water as Fuel

Scientific American

Atmospheric Pile Driving

To Obtain Heights which Cannot be measured

Pneumatic Engine

Amant's Escapement

Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas

Peat Composition

The Motive Power of Coal and Zinc



  • From the Editor

    Facts for the Public—The Scientific American

  • To Correspondents - October 16, 1847

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October 16, 1847

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