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The Priest and His Bargain

The Way They Do It

Influence of the Periods of the Day Upon Births and Deaths

Hartsons Patent Lathe

That Old Tea-Kettle

Who Are the Happiest Men

Ohio Railroads

Harvests Without Previous Sowing

He Stood at the Altar

The Husband to his Wife

Railroad Survey

Disastrous Collision

Another Accident

Ether in Mania

From Europe

Howell's Tanning Machine

Great Curiosity

Thompson's Life Boat

New York

Nutritive Properties of Sugar

Stones' Sofa Bedstead

Guyon's Water Wheel

Knox's Hats Again

Patent Agency

Large Cargo

Colt's Revolving Pistols

Wooden Legs

Portland Locomotives

Havlland and Tuttle's Water Wheel

A Relic

Malleable Shaft Tug

Mechanics' Mutual Protection

Earthquake at Dominica

The Smallest Horse Yet

Flying Cows

The Ophicieide


Important Announcement

Iron Mountain of Texas

The Church of Saint Sophia at Constantinople

A Yankee in London

A New Planet

Curious Celestial Phenomenon

The Doctor's Coat

American Antiquities

An Alarm at Sea

Affair Between a Man and a Partridge

Railway Cars in France

Heat of the Planets

Naples Eruption of Mount Versuvius

Height of Water in the Lakes

New Lock

Sherrod's Fan Water Wheel

Threshing Machine

Boot Tree and Last

The Annunciator


Harvesting Machine

List of Patents

A New Brick-Making Machine

Reaping Machine

New Grain Feeder

Engraved Plates

Rocking Chair and Fan

New Life Boat

Safety of Railways

High Price's

Southern Manufactories

Copper Ore in the South

Prejudice Against Machinery

Made Land in Boston

Disinfecting Fluid

Modern Science--The Electric Fluid

Electrotype and Electro Gliding


Extraordinary Piece of Copper Ore

Rotary Applied to a Steamboat

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Scuppernong Grapes

Relief of Hypochondriacs

Washington Monument

Peculiar Enjoyment

Railway Bridge Building

Animal Sagacity

Morfit's Applied Chemistry--Soap and Candles

Applications of the Governor

The Law of Fluids Discharging Through Orifices

Musical Spit

Ductility of Silver

Curious Clock

Mathematical Problem

Macassar Oil

To Tin Iron and Other Metals

Superior Mode of Curing Hams

Cold Bedrooms

Calculating Interest


  • New Water Power

  • A Glance at the Heavens

  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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October 23, 1847

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