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New Line

Thompson's Life Boat

Troy and Montreal Line

The Angel of Patience

Hudson River Railroad


Crampton's Narrow Guage Engine

Atmospheric Railway

Our Distant Friends

Guyon's Water Wheel

Buffalo and Milwaukie Line

Railroad Receipts

New Material for Paper

He'll Do

Curious Marriage Contract

Cotton in India

Mining in Australia

Minerals in Canada

Cotton in Turkey

A Glorious Death

Order of Agriculture

Street Advertising in France

Chamber's Miscellany

American Champagne

The Mines of Nova Scotia

The Iron Manufacture of France

Fair of the American Institute

Uncle Sam's Farm

The Mechanics Are Coming

The Laziest Man

Penal Settlement

Antiquities of Ireland

Advantages of Law

The Modern Ruins of the Modern Athens

New Sheet Metal for Sheathing

A Curious Spring

The Mormons

The Coal Business at Pictou

A French Clergyman's Opinion of Dancing

Hyde's Blind Fastener

New Grain Weigher

Golden Daguerreotype

We Want a Machine for Eating

New Candle Machine

Improvement in Gun Cotton

Chamberlin's Draughting Board

Improved Plough

Greek Fire

File Machine

Steam Improvement

Improvement in Steam Engines

Important Discovery

New Printing Press

Curious Pump

Rotary Pump

Wool Burring Machines

Chemical Effects on Lightning

Co-Operative Associations

New Steamboat

Valuable Estate

Mechanic's Fair

Faneuil Hall Boston

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

A Veteran Flag

The Ticklishness of Credit

Electrotype and Electro-Gliding


Economical Saw Mill


The King of Prussia's Economy

Philadelphla Correspondence


Potato Rot

Vision of Birds

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

The Burning Wells of Kenawha

A Glance at the Heavens

Missouri Lead Mines

The Macedonian

Aerial Navigation

A Spotted Negro

No Proof of the Present Existence of a Single Star or Planet

I Shall be a King

Patent Agency

Hartson's Improved Lathe

Union Magazine

Portrait of Gen. Taylor--Third Edition

To Make Pumpkin Butter

Scientific American

Rope and Pulley

Power of Enduring Heat

Wonderful Discovery

The Universal Joint

Composition of the Brown Venitlan Glass With Gold Spangles


Stylographic Engravings

Nature and Preparation of Substances for Tinging Glass



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October 30, 1847

Confronting Common Wisdom