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Fight Between an Eagle and a Boy

To a Wearied Worker

Great Speed

New York Railroads

Water Works at Marseilles

English Railway

Railroad Bridge Over the Merrimack

New Telegraph Line

Chandler's Morticing and Tenoning Machine

Mobile and Ohio Rail Roads

The Boston Water Works

Strive On

A Curious Society

Steamboat Built in the Woods

The Caoutchouc Trade

An Elevated Somnambulist

Philadelphia Correspondence

Painful Accident

News Emporium at Utica N .Y

List of Patents

Hypothesis of Iron


Ball Versus Lightning


Fine Arts in Australia

Hold Him

The Tea Plant in India

Have Respect for Your Calling

The Arctic Expedition

The Discovery of the Planet Neptune

A Little Nearer

A Fervent Admirer

Iron Horse Rider


A Liberal Endowment

Meanness Exemplified

Invention for the Dandies

The Paris Printers

The Carpet Factory

The Bible

Flying Artillery

A Boston Caricature

Improvement in Rivets

Improved Railroad Car Axle and Wheel

Guard Cylinders

Wheat Mill

Improved Screw Key

Randall's Elevated Railway

Patent Self-Sharpening Cultivator

New Rocking Chair

Improved Rifle

Surmounting Steep Gradients by Locomotives


Coupling Line Shafts

Ketchum's Mowing Machine


Scale Preventer

Casting Door Plates

Riveting Leather Bands


Encourage Invention

Electrotype and Electro-Gilding

Opinions of the Press

Yankee Enterprise

A Martyr of Science

Hadley Falls

Professor Grant

The Smithsonian Institute

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

American Institute

Wolf Killed By an Irishman

Quicksilver Mines in Austria

Decoration of the House of Lords

Progress of America

A Glance at the Heavens

Mr. Deshong

Legal Talents

John Smith

Journal of a Queen

A Patent Right

Explosion of Fire-Damp and Death

Columbian for November

The Causes and Effects of Explosions in Steam Engines Investigated

Patent Agency

Scientific American

Reduction of Speed

Reaction Water Wheel

The Art of Cameo Engraving

A New Species of Life Preservers

To Keep Apples for Winter Use

To Cure Warts


Arts and Sciences of China

Philosophical Trumpet

Aromatic Beer

Philosopher's Lamp


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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