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Natural Curiosity

Sub-Marine Telegraphs

St. Lawrence and Champian Canal

Hudson River Railroad

St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad

Washington's Monument

Railroads in England and Scotland


Detroit and Chicage Telegraph

Nevins' Improved Cracker and Biscuit Machine

Daring Feat of a Fireman

Rail Roads in Virginia

Rail Road

New Steamer


The Ice Trade

Scarcity of Coal of Halifax


Progress of Odd-Fellowship

Lighting the Wilderness

Splendid Timepiece

Chicago Mechanic's Fair

American Gold Pens in England

A Way Fact

Russian Edict

Iron Tunnel

The Salt Water Worm

Generating Steam

St. Johns Mechanic's Institute

Albion, St. Johns, N. B

Western Steamboats

Volcanic Eruption

From Europe

Damages for Slander

Pinion Hinge and Blind Fastener

Ten Hour System

Novel Witness

Improved Tug-Boat

Extraordinary Tree

Smuggling in High Life

All for Love

A Keen Reply

Horse Rake

Scotch Kirk Festivity

Rather Laconic

High Treason Extraordinary

Railroad Riding

Vegetable Experiment

Electric Engine

New Method of Making Steel

Drying Grain

Box Turning Machine

Mann's Steam Boiler

New Threshing and Cleaning Machine

New Cab

Wonderful Telegraph Improvement

Iram Brewster's Reversing Plough

Boot Patterns


Valuable Discovery

U. S. Armory

Notice to Navigators of the Upper Lakes

Morticing Machine

Mechanics' Institutes

New Copyright Movement


Booth vs. Grarelly

Another Patent Suit

Southern Manufactories

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Indian Annuites

Important Patent Cases

Electrotype And-Electro-Gilding

Phenomena in Mobile

Anecdote of Allston the Painter

Presence of Mind

A Glance at the Heavens

The Iron Duke and Miss Coutts

A Female Miser

Factory Children in China


Brooklyn Institute

The Credit Not All Our Due

Fate of Infidelity

Chambers' Miscellany

Will You Accede to it?


Magnetic Magic Mirror

Painting on Glass

Twisted Wires in Telegraphing

To Dye a Green Color

Fattening Pouitry

Russian Ink Powder

New Use of Daguerreotype Art

Mode of Renovating Apple Orchards

Bevel Gearing

Another Motion

French Green


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    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Foreign Correspondence

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