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Verdict of This Poor

Fire and Smoke

Formation of Coal

Another Railroad to Buffalo

Remarkable Woman

Look Up

Magneto Electric Light

Massachusetts and Troy Road

Scientific Discovery

Salem and Lowell Road

The New Telegraph Line

American Ole Bull

Great Projects

Enormous Suspension-Bridge

The Yankee Blade

Iron in Massachusetts

Irish Sculpture

Mackarel Fishery

Niagara Suspension Bridge

The Capitol

The Cotton Crop

Deaths by Ship-Fever

Introduction of Steam Printing

Gas Lights

The American Ocean Steamers

Surgical Operation

Descriptive and Historical Account of Hydraulic and Other Machines

Statue of Corwin

The Sun's Mammoth Printing Press

Singular Affair

A Doubtful Blessing


A Pitiful Case

To Prevent Wood Decaying

Alledged Cure for Hydrophobia

American Art Union


Infamous Crime

Surprising Agility

Extraordinary Preservation

Surface of The Sun

Steam Rotted Hemp

Veneering Metal Plates

Evaporation Grate

Another Washing Machine

Improved Rock Drill

Improved Adjustable Incline Door and Gate Butt

Method of Preserving the Denominations of a Bank Bill from Being Altered

New Lubricating Compound

New Railway Signal

Coming the Dodge Over the Fowls

Decorations in Leather

Inventor's Claims

Packing and Pressing Cotton

Improvement in the Manufacture of Cotton Cord

Improvement in Roving Cans

Swimming Skate

Turpentine Distillery

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Mechanics Industrial Association



Elective Franchise

Steam Navigation on the Orinoco

The Scientific American

The Process of a Sculptor

Antidote for Cholera

A Frenchman's Account of English Soups and Stomachs

Mining Telegraphs

Wagon Shelvins


Curious Particulars Relating to Marriage

To Machinists Carpenters and Others

Lap-Welded Wrought Iron Tubes for Tubular Boilers

To the Subscribers of the Mechanics' Journal

Mechanics' Mutual

A Literary and Family Paper the Yankee Blade

The Best Yet


Agricultural Tools

Patent Agency

Wood Cuts

American Hardware

Patent Agency at Washington

An Apology

General Agents

Dropsy Jaundice and Contraction of the Leg

Engraving on Wood

To Painters, &C. for Sale

To Dye Yellow Color

To Harden Steel Engravings Without Injuring the Impression

Question for Consideration

White Hard Spirit of Wine Varnish

Painting on Glass

The New York Scientific American

Mechanical Movements

Traverse Motion

Changing Speed and Direction of Circular Motion


Prussic Acid


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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November 20, 1847