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Machine for Punching Copper Sheets

Friction Matches


The Maid's Lament

The Broad Guage


Niagara Suspension Bridge

Treenail Machine

Angry Words

Preserving Butter

Battle with the Hasty Pudding

Knowledge is Power


Patent Agency

Banner and Sign Painting

A Valuable Farm

A Mexican Diligence

Scientific Expedition to the Dead Sea

Flax in Canada

A Cure for Deafness

The Orgau

Union Magazine

Steam Factory in Hartford

Death of the Righteous

Balloon Mirage

De Witt's Elevated Railway

Chambers' Miscellany

A Science Revived

The Park Fountain

To Our British Subscribers

Electricity Universal

An Ornamental Nose

Manufactures in Russia


A New Lever

Rotary Steam Engines

A Turkish Dean Swift

Haunted Houses

Railways in Europe

The Wife

Interesting to Sculptors


Improvement in Safes and Warehouse Doors

How to Cut a Bevel for a Hopper

Saw Filing

Preserving the Dead

New Kind of Brick

Inventor's Claims

Improvement in Cotton Spinner

To Estimate Corn in Bulk

New Street Railroad

New Canal Boat

New Application of Atmospheric Pressure

New Method of Manufacturing Bank Note Paper

Another Washing Machine

The Pneumatico Hydraulic Engine

Improved Harrow

Casting Ordnance

Improved Carriage Hub

Humane Invention

A New Planet

Southern Manufactures

Railroad Business

The Scientific American

Reward of Invention


Coal Mine in Rhode Island

To the Subscribers to the Mechanics' Journal

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Reaction Water Wheels

Cheap Postage


Personal Property

Powder Magazine

Natural History

Feline Electricity

New Article of Food

Monument of George Washington

Progress of Mining in the Old World

Cure for Cancer

Census of Cleveland

Notices of the Press

Patent Inks and Salts of Gold

Causing Cabbages to Head During the Winter

Billious Cholic

Simple Method of Making Oxygen Gas

Preserving Animal Substances

Circular and Vibratory Motion

The New York Scientific American

Hydraulic Machine

Experiment With a Plant

Chemical Analysis of Tea


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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