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Tea Trade of China

Canal Across Florida

Rapid Travel

A Bull

Inclined Planes and Tunnels of American Rail Roads

The Magnetic Telegraph

Selling Baggage at Auction

An Honest and Peaceable People

Plank Road

Investments in Railroads

The Voice of Love

Rail Road News

Flew Route to the Pacific

Buffalo and Mississippi Rail Roads

Rowe's Universal Pulverizing Pressure Ore Mill

Damages for Enticing Workmen Away

Inflated Horse Collar

Hint to Wine Drinkers

Distinguished Strangers


New York Mechanics' Institute

West India League

Gutta Percha

Discovery of Platinum in France

Corn Crop of The United States

Singing Mouse

An Editor ”Corned.&ldquo

John Fitch

The Cotton Crop


An American China Manufactory

Patent Buttons

Jews at Odessa


Home Manufacture of Gas

Adulteration of Flour

Hoe's Mammoth Printing Press

Bad Books

A Good Day's Work


Laying it on Thick

The Meanest Thief

Tarts and Pride


An Exception

Natural Gas Springs



The Laborer is Worthy of His Hire

Oats Wanted

Try It

The Good Fortune of Thin Sides

A Silver Pitcher Presented to Mr. Conductor Parker

Northern Railroad Accident

Lilliputian Locomotive Engine

Iron Ship Ribs

Duttons Patent Ice Accumulating Machine

Adjustable Spring Curved Plane

Improved Method for Ascending and Descending Incline Planes

Curry Combs

Bullet Moulding

Inventor's Claims

Manufacture of Iron

Improved Hub and Axle

Smoke Prevented

Improvement in Baskets

Mustard Mills

Telegraph Towers

The New Planet

Postage in the British Provinces

Lead Mine

English and American Railways

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Trade on the Upper Mississippi


Inventors' Institutes

Charleston Artesian Wells

Wheeling Cotton Mills

Arctic Expedition

Picture Frames

Volcanic Lake


An Extra Horn

Splendid Bridge

Advice Gratis

Effects of Opium

Queer Silvershop

Prairie Fires

Patent Agency

Treatment of a Contrary Horse

To Preserve Oranges

Puddling Iron

Pneumatic Palates

Patent Inks and Salts of Gold

Weighing Machine of the Bank of England

To Cleanse Gentlemen's Cloth Coats and Pantaloons

Death by a Dissecting Wound

Vibrating Circular Motion

Sensations in the Air

Mechanical Movements

Transferring Circular Motion


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