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Those Dirty Mechanics

Central Ohio Railroad


Lines of Telegraph List Progress

The Romance of War

The Questioner

Various Railroads

Richmond and Ohio Railroad

Hoe-Neck and Tilt Hammer

The Heart

The Capitol at Washington Illuminated

Iron in Maine

Heavy Verdict

Choice Teas


Parisian Antiquities

Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

Inventors Institute

Greenwood Cemetary

Singular Accident

Canal Tolls at Albany


A Whole Hog

Our List of Patents

The President's Message

Radiation of Heat

A Stuck Bridge

Omnibus Business in New York

Damages Against Railroads

Odd Fellows

Mint Oil

Steamboat Burnt

Chambers' Miscellany

An Observatory in New York

Outlawed Umbrellas


Effect of Different Colored Lights Upon Plants

The Rifle

Humorous Inventions

The Last Telegraph Joke

Change of Bed in the Great Miami

Queries--Galvanic Astronomy

Action of White Lead With Oil

A Splendid Car

A Little Knowledge Not Dangerous

Steam Boilers

Printer's Counting Machine

Window Blind Fasteners

Improved Clock

Flax Breaking Scutching and Hackling Machines

Syphon Condenser

Novel Foot Stove

Fire and Burglar Alarm

Rotary Boot Heel

Another Hemp Brake

Lead Pipe Machinery

Electric Telegraph

A Great Day's Work

New Kind of Cloth

New Coffee Apparatus

Inventor's Claims

Rasping Dye Woods

New Gun Breeching

Purifying Gas

Ornamented Glass

Winter Fire-Side Amusements

The Greatest Study of Mankind is Man

The British and North American Royal Mail Steamship Company

The Scientific American

Scientific American--Bound Volumes



Death of Rev. Charles Van Loon

Rights of Married Women

The Hemp Crop

Canal Business

Improvement in Weaving Looms

Fortunate Discovery

The Future

Opening the Great Western Railway to Cheltenham

White's Patent Fire Engine

Newark Franklin Institute

The Ohio River

Distance and Time by Railroads and Steamships

Decrease in the British Revenue

Cunard Docks

Patent Agency

Yellow Ink

Pneumatic Engine

Substitute for Potatoes

Russian Ink Powder

On the Manufacture of Gas

Scraping Mezzaotint Engravings

Scientific American

Color from St. Johns Wort

India Ink

Glue for Cementing Paper, Silk and Leather

Circular from Perpendicular Motion


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    The Essential Guide to the Modern World

    The Essential Guide to the Modern World