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The Reign of Peace

Lines of Telegraphy in Contemplation

Machine for Working Mouldings

The Poor Man

Rail Road News

Railway Items

Western Railroad

Singular and Terrible Explosion

Terriffic Leap



New and Useful Invention

No Learning Without Preparation

A Giant Ship

Death from a Rattlesnake Bite

Death of Chancellor Kent

Old Sciences

A Southern Cotton Factory


Dreadful Shipwreck

Fire Engine Trial

Fine Indian Painting

Grand Literary Entertainment

Holden's Dollar Magazine

Guessing for Hogs

Union Magazine

Improved Lock

Timber and Wood Lands

New Mode of Scouring Blankets, &c

The Late Disaster on Lake Michigan

A Female Farmer

A Hint

Declaration of Principles, of the Reformed Association of Inventors

Distillation and Culture of Peppermint

Boiling Heat


Inventor's Claims

Fish Hooks

Street Sweeping Machine

Carriage Bow Spring

List of Patents

Suspender Buckles

New Mop Handle

Cottrell's Progressive Bridge

An Improved Railroad Brake

Eureka Cotton Gin

Burglar and Fire Alarm

Fish Hooks

Important Discovery

Improved Cider Mill

Shoemaker's Strike


Mechanic Arts in Baltimore

Colony of Twenty Thousand Blacks in Canada

Modern Invention

Cotton Manufactory

Curious Case

Daguerreotype Scene


Revenue of Mexico

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Free Public Library

The Scientific American

Steam Chronology

Time and Longitude

Literature and Learning in China

Energy and Mind

Camels in Australia

Butter Consumed in London

Improvement in Railway Engines and Carriages

Improved Method of Making Rail Road Iron

Patent Agency

Screw Arrangement

On the Manufacture of Gas

The Governor

Chrome Black on Wool

Japanning and Varnishing


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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December 18, 1847

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