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Theory and Practice


Rail Road and Scripture

Law's Improved Stave Jointing Machine

Beds in India

Rail Road News

Our Niagara

It Spoils a Man to Marry Him

Whitney and His Railroad

Curiosities of Food

Harbors in Oregon

St. Andrews and Quebec Rail Way

Sore Nose

New Iron Company

Careless Apothecary

Patent Agency

More Coal


Wild Geese, Ducks, &C


Atmospheric Engines

Natural Bridge in Illinois

Valuable Manuscript Discovery


Our New Bedford, Mass., Patrons

Curiosity of Nature


Vine at Hampton Court

Steamer Ontario

Sad Accident

Anything But a Mechanic

Destitution in New York

Adulteration of Flour

New Steamboat

A Human Tiger

Rare Felicity



Nautical Monster

Freezing Mixtures Without Snow or Ice

Mineral Wealth of Russia

Genuine Bull

Michael Buonarotti Angelo

To Dye Blue

Queer Enough

Independant Voting


Louis Phillipe and the Bell Ringers

New Method of Propelling Cars

List of Patents

New Coloring Substance

Saw Mill Improvements

Galvanized Types

Locomotive Snow Plough

Improved Fish Hook

Novel Machine

New Paving

Heating Wheel Tires

Clasp Catches


Perpetual Motion


Self-Acting Leg

The Scientific American

Scientific American--Bound Volumes


Interesting Relic

English Manufacturing Population

Fortunate Escape

Progress of Chemical Discovery

Extra Judicial Oaths

Gold and Silver


Biscuit Machinery

Italy and the Pope

Force of Periodic Vibration

Chambers Miscellany No. 9

Chapman's Drawing Book

Kissing Invention

The Worth of a Single Stump

Wheel Gearing


Oval Gearing

Manufacture of Gas

The New York Scientific American:


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