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A Great Tunnel


Georgia Improvements

Wind-Mill Ship

The Railroad West


British Railways

The Laborer's Orison at Sunrise

A New Coin

Rail Road News

The Hudson River Railway

Proposed Railroad

Prices in Mexico

New Rolling Mill

Mysteries and Miseries of New York

A Countess

Horrible Death

The N. Y. Farmer and Mechanic and the Scientific American

Lumber in Maine


A Lady Astronomer

Stand from Under

Indigo and Cotton

Pork and Beef Packing Establishment

A Hint to Ladies

Speculation in Corn


For the Scientific American

Chemical Formula

Chart of Health

Reprove Not Angrily

Political Prudence

Jenny Lind

French and English Row at a Railroad Meeting

The Happy Girl

Surgical Operation

Queer Description

Cure for Rattle Snake Bites

Spontaneous Combustion

Improved Foot Stove

Portable Flouring Mill

New Rail Car Spring

Locomotive Improvement

Scrubbing Brushes


Inventor's Claims

Corn Cob Mills

An Air Bed

New Method of Propelling Vessels

Fountain Pens

Tribute to American Mechanical Skill

Air Engine for Railroads and Common Roads

Substitute for Ether

New Invention--Electro Magnetic Engine

New Topsail Reefer

New Foul Air Burner

Improvement in Bedsteads

The Shoe Trade

Covering for Roofs

An Important Enterprise

The Scientific American

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

A Happy New Year


What to do With Part of the Smithson Bequest

Western Tool Business

Effects of Not Advertising

Foreign Telegraph

Foreign Patent Laws

Natural Resources of Virginia

New Freight Depot of the Boston and Worcester Rail Road

Insect Architects

Patent Agency

Our Weekly Patent List

Screw Movement

A Pen-Knife Genius

To Give Plaster of Paris Figures the Appearance of Marble

Mechanical Movements

The Transfer of Speed

The Protective Powers of Vaccination

Receipt for an Ash Vat for Dyeing Indigo Blue

Great Belgian Iron Foundry


The New York Scientific American


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Southern Correspondence

  • Western Correspondence

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January 01, 1848

Confronting Common Wisdom