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Michigan Railroad

Character of a Happy Life

Yankees and Rail Roads

Housatonic and Western Railroad

Growing Old Together

Machine for Kneading Clay

Adams's Machine for Moulding Brick

Ancient Painting

New York and New Haven Railroad

Large Boat

Roof Composition

Connecticut Repository of Arts

Beautiful Present

Foreign News

Intense Cold

Indian Remains

Crystal and Water

Daguerreotype of the Sun

Cure for the Gout

Breadstuffs from Canada

Councilman Expelled

A Two-Sided Compliment

Ancient Doctors

An Extra Dividend

An Antique Chair

The Montgomery Steam Boiler

The Gazette of Our Union

Soap Stone

Population of Austria

Long Noses

Premium Offered

Quick Work and Burned Fingers

Really Good

As Bad as the Kidd Humbug

Remarkable Escape

Salt Lake Near Santa Fe

Cent Per Cent

Persian Wisdom

Honesty of Heart

Days Without Nights and Nights Without Days

A Huge Ship

A Yankee

Newly Discovered Article of Food

An Old Sea Dog

Ancient Mines

A Gentleman of Color

Lighting by Electricity

Boot Crimping Machine

Sash Fastener

New Railroad Brake

Steering Apparatus

Machine for Exercising Children

Machine for Making Wrought Nails

Smelting by Electricity

New Blow Pipe

India Rubber Felt for Railways

Teller and Dillenback's Vertical Water Wheel

Rock Drill--Errata

Revolving Cravat and a Coat of One Piece

New Corn Crusher

Mechanical College and Experimental Workshop

State Prisons and Employments

The Patent Office

Whole Meal and Fine Flour

Growth of the West

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Modern Science

Pennsylvania Coal

Architectural Taste and Design

Stirling's Air Engine

Bible Pictures for the Young

Morse's Telegraph

Illustrated Window Labels

Flower Painting

An Inventor's Institute

Our Subscribers

Patent Agency

Chamber's Miscellany

Needle and Pin Making

New Mode of Making Coffee

Paper Folder

Petrified Body

Traverse and Oblique Motion

Another Mode

Chloroform Yet

Speaking Machines

Scientific American

Preserving Pork

Vibrating Lever and Chain

Cure for Rattlesnake Bites

Blue Color for Stamping Patterns on Cloth

The Cycloid

Beet Root Sugar



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January 22, 1848

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