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Iron Horses

A Queer Passenger

Extensive Brick Yard

Double Lines

An Old Book

The Press

American China


Niagara Suspension Bridge

Agricultural Pottery Machine

Lend a Hand

Peruvian Steamer

Death After Interment

In and Out of Place

Danish Mail Route

A Plain Charge

Danish Colonization

Choosing a Text

The Carnage of Peace

Odor Destroyer


A Giant

Thickness of Fibres

Quiet Cure

Dangerous Counterfeit

A Hermit

Criminal Carelessness

Union Magazine

Cruelty of an Oriental Prince


Death from Hydrophobia

Champian Ship Canal


Songs for the People


Egg Hatching Machine

Humorous Inventions

Ancient Dentists

Russian Marriages

Serpents in a Pile in South America


Chinese Grass

How We Look

Improved Plan of Klin for Burning Drain Tiles and Pipes

Foreign Items

A Mother to Her Daughter on Her Marriage

The Inventor of Printing with Moveable Type

Machine for Making Emery and Sand Paper

First Patent for Water Conveyance

Compositions for Machinery

Eliptographic Compass

Improvement in the Power Loom

New Mitre Box

Improvement in the Turning Lathe

A New Musical Instrument


New Life Boat

Improvement in Casting Pipes

Asphalte Felt Roofing

New Washing Machine

New Last Machine

Door Knobs


New Propeller

Scientific American--Bound Volumes


The French Steamers

Reaction Water Wheels

Clairvoyant Miners

Barker's Mill

American Navy

Education--What is It?

The Light of Knowledge on Mount Lebanon

Revolving Shuttle Box

Manufactures of the South

The Way in Which French Wine is Made

The Lately Discovered Volcano in Victoria Land, Towards the South Pole

Lord Rosse a Mechanic

Occupation of Our Legislators

Ewbank's Hydraulics

Elephants in Quicksands

Chemitype Printing

Patent Agency

Our Subscribers

Reciprocating Circular and Rectilinear Motion

Coloring Alcoholic Liquors

Candle Wicks

The Formation of the Eye

Wind Mill

Novel Ornament

How the Velocity of Light is Proved

Sun-Painted Landscape

Photogenic Paper

Cough Syrup

A Tooth Discharged From the Ear


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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