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The Air Line

Village Greatness

Improved Machine for Drilling Rocks

A New Railroad

My Love

Great Western Railroad and Niagara Bridge

Foreign News

The Children of the Philanstery

Draught in Ploughing

A Heavy Anvil


Pedler Law

Manufacture of Glass

Iron Furnaces in Virginia

Curious Fact for Doctors


Patent Laws or All Countries

Chamber's Miscellany

Polished Language in Africa

Hartford Depository of Mechanic Arts

Pleasant Ingredients of Mineral Waters

Economy in Linen Washing

Ice Crop


Improved Mode of Drying Corn

Mysteries and Miserles of New York

American Art

Singular Circumstance

Late Hours

Wonders of Art

The Brain

Brahminical Wonders

A Stubborn Contest

Was it Ether or Chloroform

Strange Speculation

Curious Criminal Facts

Steam Ships of War

Steel its Manufacture

Employ Your Minutes

A Mother's Cry


Baggage of a Man of Simple Habits

One Way to Make a Fortune

The Wife

Squaring the Circle


Ancestry of the British Queen

Occupations of English Women

Hoeing Machines

Spoons and Forts

New Horse Power Reaping Machine

Improved Mitre Box

Cold Chisels for Harness Makers

New Brick Machine

Improved Rotary Corn Dryer

Preventive for Leaky Roofs

New Optical Instrument

Machine for Taking the Ayes and Nays in Legislative Bodies

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Machine

List of Patents

Horse Rake

Leather Bands

Death of Doctor Wells

Iron Mine

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

Explosions of Steam Boilers

Consumption of Wood by Locomotives

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Western Enterprise

The Smithson Institute

American Iron Ore

Western Manufactures

Horse Power Hoe

Perfection of the Human Frame

Chinese Pecullarities

New Light for Ships

Scientific Coincidence


Improvement of the Gipsies


Winter Quarters of Miners in the Highest Andes


Patent Agency

Mechanical Movements

To Extract Lamp Oil from a Dress

Experiment with a Tulip

Questions and Answers

Enamel Fluxes

Black Varnishes

Eccentric Motion

Cure for the Bite of a Mad Dog


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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