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Rail Roads of the United States

Memory of the Past

Bishop's Street Cleaning Machine

To the Golden Eagle

South Western Railroad

The Electric Telegraph in Holland

New Haven Canal Railroad

Chicago and Galena Railroad


Rail Road News

George Combe at Glasgow Athenæum Soiree

Telegraphic Extension

Improvement in Dentistry


Professor Morse Made Pacha

Exchanging Sides

Bad Gas in Philadelphia


House Burnt by a Cat

Whaling Business


New Steam Guage

Holden's Dollar Magazine

Waterproof Blacking

Threaded Bank Note Paper

Schramke's New York Croton Aqueduct

Newton on Infidelity

Improvement in the Telegraph

The Green Veil

Lectures on the Gypsies

Sewers and Cespools



Trituratlon Phenomena

The Power of Imagination

Excavations in Pompeii

A Beautiful Moral


Animal Mechanism



Color of Snow

Temperature of the Ocean

A Deep Crime

Self-Acting Chair

Machinery for Making Hinges

Improved Morticing Machine

Patent Force and Suction Pump

List of Patents

Silken Sails for Ships

New Self-Acting Brake and Safety Wheels

Thermometer Churn

Foster and Balley's Rock Driller

New Arch Bridge

Steam Power for Factories

Napier's Foundry--Cunard Steamers

Steam Boiler Explosions

Interesting to Agriculturists

A French Discovery

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

New Hampshire Coal Mountain


An Austrian Palace

Pingree's Comet


Southern Metals

Tires or Railways

Light and Colored Glass


Patent Office

Patent Agency

An Accommodation to Subscribers

Brady's Dauguerrian Gallery

Circular and Traverse Motion

To Clean Colored Silks

Mechanicals Movements

Enamel Colors and Fluxes

To Prepare Cocoa

Adulterated Medicine

German Yeast

Scientific American

Wooden Arm

To Varnish Drawings

Properties of Zinc


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