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Improvement in the Manufacture of Cast Steel

My Own Dear Native Land


New York and Erle Railroad

Mobile and Ohio Rail Road

Hudson River Railroad

A Salutary Thought

Ewbank's Hydraulic's

Death of Cole

Medals for Soldiers

That Railroad in Mexico

Telegraphic Extension

Ohio and Indiana Canals

New Rotary Engine

Iron Works Stopped

The Current of Manufacturing Skill

Strange Meteor

Embarrassments of the Iron Trade

Alabama Gold

Fashion vs Feeling

Important Discovery

Philadelphia and Charleston Steamship Line



The Fate of Genius


Expansive Action of Steam

Idols Made in England

Ancient Paintings

Illustrious Mechanics

The Cast Iron Plow

A Young Artist

A Marvellous Gourmand

The Maid of Orleans

Carriage Bodies

New Rope Machine

New Hemp Brake

Spinning Machine

Electric Light

Machine for Turning Irregular Surfaces

Ship Carpenter's Augur

Nice Balancing

Machine for Cutting Soles


An Electric Gun

List of Patents

Self-Adjusting Car-Shackle

An Auxiliary Anchor

New Cannon

Lath Machine

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Indirect Action of Wind

Steam Boiler Guage

Manufacture of India Rubber Goods

American Hemp

Congressmen and the Patent Laws

Copper Mines of Missouri

The Cast Iron Plough

A Floating Population

Respect Does Not Follow Extravagance

Wealth of England

Extraordinary Phenomena

Exposure to the Sun

Ventilation of the Capitol at Albany

Beware of Gold Forgeries

Health of Factories

Fast Color

Great Times

Reaction Water Wheels

Ranlett's Architect

Patent Agency

Weights and Measures

Transverse from Circular Motion


New Coat

The Scientific American

Preservation of Books and Manuscripts

Improvement in Aquatinta Engraving

Universal Wind Engine

To Destroy Cockroaches

The Missouri Wooden Dog

Concrete Shoal Blown up


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February 19, 1848

Confronting Common Wisdom