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God Help Us to the Last

Champlain and Connecticut River Railroad

Arkansas Lead Ore

Human Nature

New Road in Connecticut

Western Atlantic Railroad

Benefit of Cleanliness

Barnum's Improvements on the Power Loom

The Jarra Tree

Cohoes and Albany Railroad

Our Own Fireside

When to Speak and When Not

The History of the Bottle

Temperance Railroads

New Plant

Military Execution

Gigantic Project

Adulterated Flour

Manufacturer's Bill


Lumber Business in Gardiner

New Acid


Sabbath Convention

Pay and Overpay

Monster Engines

Wholesale Desertion of Wives and Families

Astronomical Phenomenon

Artificial Stones

Interesting Cave

A Human Divining Rod

Telegraph Punctuation

Scientific Memoranda

Hydraulic Telegraph

Damask Weaving


Improved Safety Lock

Novel Musical Instrument

Improvement in Grinding Grain

Artificial Teeth

New Invention

Improvement in Flax Spinning

Gun Cotton Engine

Cast Iron Chimney Tops

New Railroad Wheel

Improvement in Fiddles

Burring Machines

List of Patents

Blind Fasteners

Alabama Coal

Steam and the Steam Engine

New Kind of Hemp

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Science and its Language

Patents and Patent Laws

Influence of Railroads Upon the Weather

Mission of Mechanics' Institutes

Eminent Men

Better Stand Up

Antique Strange Clock

Formation of Hall


A Phenomenon

Formation of Coal

Reaction Water Wheels

The People of Central America

English Music in Spain

An End to a Circle

Inducements to Inventors

Patent Agency

Hydraulic Screw

Table of the Composition of Metallic Baths to Temper Edge Tools

Gaudin's Night Sun

Researches at Ninevah and Nimroad

The Scientific American

To Sweeten Rancid Butter

The Pulley

Testing Gold



  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Reviews and Recommendations

    The Art of Memory

  • Explosions in Steam Boilers

  • Holden's Dollar Magazine

  • Universal History

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