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Machine for Manufacturing Sand Paper

Yankee Phrases


Wabash Railroad

Liability of Railroads

Cocheco Railroad

Tennessee Railroad


Wagon Lines to Pittisburg

Troy and Boston Railroad

The Saw-Mill


A Deacon's Invention

New Fabric


A Newly Invented Rail

A Deacon's Invention

New Piano

New Carriage

Sugar Crop in St. Mary

An Eulogy

Ocean Steamer United States

Wanted Girl Emigrants

Sudden Growth

Gas Improvements

The Comet



Newfoundland Fisheries

Surplus Money in Russia

Steam Boilers

Extraordinary Petrifaction

Preserving Milk

The Watch

Lightning Rods


Michael Angelo a Scholar Through Life

Life's Pendulum

Singular Manner of Choosing a King

Rotary Pumps

Damask Weaving

Preservation of Food

Life's Pendulum

New Power Loom

Improvement in Pressing Paper

Improved Grain Separator

Improved Windlass

Important Telegraph Improvement

Artificial Arm

List of Patents

Improvements on the Steam Engine

Turning Bowls

Fire Places

Propelling Cars

Model of a Railroad Bridge

Stoneware for Sewers

Designs for Improved Blow Pipes

New Steam Carriage

New Pavement

Scientific Knowledge

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Scientific American—Bound Volumes

Experiments on Iron Vessels

Gutta Percha

Electric Telegraphs and Patent Laws

Mechanics in Kentucky

Iron from England

Niagara Suspension Bridge

Manufacturing Operation in Maine

Patent Case

How to be Happy

The Growing West

The First American Cotton Factory


Fulminating Powder

The Longitude by the Telegraph

Patent Agency

A Wold to Our Patrons

Inducements to Inventors

The Adventures of Capt. Huestls


Mangle Wheel

The Heart

Instrument for Drawing Curved Lines

Plane Measurement

Paris Academy of Sciences

Mineral Analyses


Scientific Memoranda

Curious Facts in Natural History

Finding the Longitude

To Extract Iron Spots from Linen

The Scientific American

French Royal Printing Office


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