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Hilnnis Central Rallroad

Maryland Mechanics Institute

Lamb's Patent Joint Lever Press

A Lover's Logic

Speak Niagara

A Lover's Logic

The Wondrous Virtue of Silence

Rail Road News


Bridge Roofs

Honor to the Mighty Dead

Raising the Wind

Rare Dish

Solar Light

Steam Washing Establishment

The Very Last

Tinned Lead and Iron Pipes

Henry Clay

Yankees in Russia

Worcester Manufactures

New Movement

Coal Trade

New Worcester

Ewbank's Hydraulics

The Origin of the Name Ohio

Ewbank's Hydraulics

First Paper Mill in Havana

Gun Trumpet

Value of a Dollar

Frederick the Great and Zimmerman


Spots in the Sun

Artisans in Persia

Charts of the Winds Currente, Etc.

Interesting Dutch Colony

Young Men Should Read Good Books

The Rich Man and Day Laborer

Practical Geometry

Bullet-Proof Coat

Inventor's Claims

Improvement in Dyeing

Jones' Elastic Flyer and Wharve Coupling

New Railroad Car Brake

New Rolling Machine

Clover Thrasher and Seed Cleaner

Jones' Elastic Flyer and Wharve Coupling

New Musical Instrument

New Car for Curves

A New Fabric

New Paddle Wheel

Expansive Steam

Resources of America

Evil Speaking

Usefulness as Belonging to Invention


A Rara Avis

Scientific American—Bound Volumes

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Jethro Wood's Plough Patent

Jethro Wood's Plough Patent

Pearl Fishing

Percussion Powder


Fine Stockings

Chloroform and its Discoverer

Rigging of Vessels

Steam Boiler Explosions

Ancient Astronomy

Circus Spectacles

Americanisms in London

To Our Subscribers

Some Comfort to Inventors

Fire in Albany

Patent Agency

Weight of Metal

Bevil Wheel Coupling

The Scientific American

Planting Cotton

Sea Spray on the Hilltops

Anthracite Coal

Novel French Frigate Destructive Weapons of War

Traverse Motion

The Magnet


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    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Foreign Correspondence

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March 11, 1848

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