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Rhode Island New Coal Vein

Machine for Stamping Metal Plates

Manufacturing Dividend

Anthracite Coal

Sing On! Sing On!

St. Joseph and Hannibal Railroad

Mr. Adams's Last Efforts

New York and Philadelphia Rail Road Fare

A New Cure for Consumption

Long Sea Weed

Lusus Natura

Mind Small Things

New Invention

Shutting up Shop

A Silver Cradle

British Tea

Smith's Yea and Nay Machine



Temperance in Europe


Extension of a Patent

Extension of a Patent

The Eclipse

The Coal Trade for 1848

Alleviation From Cough

A Valuable Invention

American Journal of Agriculture and Science

Hot Air Flues

Town Swallowed by an Earthquake

Ice in London

The French Telegraph

Wood Set on Fire by Steam

Mercantile Honor

New Machine

Railway Alarm

Can't Understand it


The Moon

Spurious Opium

Traveller's Door Fastener

Hydraulic Telegraph

Steam Wagons


Figure of the Earth

Foreign Scientific Miscellany

The Ventilometer

Knitting Stockings by Steam

New Cloth Measurer

Inventor's Claims

Improved Carriage and Wagon Axie

List of Patents

New Roller for Fancy Printing

New Furnace Grate

New War Steamer

Patent Fire Annihilator

Cotton Yarn Covered With Wool

Improvement in Steam Engines

Iron Chimney Pieces

A Mechanic Hermit

To Subscribers


Coal on the West Coast of America

Scientific American--Bound Volumes


Spontaneous Combustion

Squaring the Circle

Value of Small Things

Iron Mine

The Scientific American

Marine Engines

The Weather and the Comet

New Shot Tower

Glasses for Rifles

Wonderful National Clock

Mechanic's Mutual Protection

Dependence of Happiness and Virtue on Health

Georgia Lumber Trade

Cotton Manufacture

Improved Mode of Cooling Mill Stones

Patent Agency

Spirit of Commerce

Those Prospectuses

Mechanical Movements

Gravitation of the Electric Fluid

Solidification of Gas

Great Bridge

The Magnet

Engraving on Silver

Image of The Sun


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March 18, 1848

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