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Albany and Boston Railroad

Strange Customs

Magnificent Steamer

Napoleon's Cenotaph

Names of Railroads

Fat Land

North British Railway

The Sons of Toil

A Good Project


Railroad Accident

American Anthracite Furnaces

Telegraphic Improvements

Western Journal

The Cotton Crop

The French Revolution

Canada Gold Mines

Daguerreotype Discovery

Deer Forest

Moorhead's Galvanic Machines

The Lost Children

New Engines

The Modest Admission

New Vegetable Manure

Dosing Royalty

New Winter Garden

Ohio and Mississippi Rail Road Co

Powerful Locomotive

To Fatten Green Geese

Steam Boiler Explosion

African Bridges

Voracity or the Star-Fish


The Carpet Manufacture

Luxuries of the Olden Times

Artificial Iceing


Jewelry in the Infancy of the World

Improvement in Musical Instruments

Tanning Raw Hides

Telegraph Improvement

West & Thompson's Clasp Coupling Joint

List of Patents

Woodbury's Improved Grain Separator

New Rotary

New Power Loom

Grinding Mills

A New Steam Engine

Improved Power Loom Shuttle

Stearine Candles

A State Mechanical Repository

The Death of Dr. Jones

Manufacturing in Virginia


Missouri Copper

Disinfecting Fluid

The Original Inventor

The Scientific American

Evening Hours for Mechanics

Kentucky Mines

South Sea Improvements

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Richmond's Patent Coller

The Triumphs of Science.--Ultramarine or Lapis Lazuli

Free Translations

The Anæsthetic Agents

The Electric Telegraph

The Green Frog of Australia

More about the Substitute for White Lead in Painting

Difficultiies of Ice

Queer Watches

Practical Papers for Amateur Artists

Mode of Grafting

Mending China

Metallic Alloys

The Function of Leaves

The Fusee


To Preserve Water in Sea Casks and Cisterns

Use of the Microscope


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    Western Correspondence

  • To Correspondents

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March 25, 1848

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