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Improved Grain and Seed Planter

Geological Researches

Receipt for Making New York Milk

Railroad Signals of Danger

Mississippi and Ohio Railroad

Great Western Railroad

Telegraph Improvement

Rail Road News

Providence Railroad

I See a Man

The Cottage Emigrant's Fare-Well

Rail Road Iron

Origin of Stays

Iowa Railroad

Ohio and Baltimore Railroad

Barry's Trieopherous

Curious Effect of Oil

Honor to the Female Brave


Parker's House Cisterns

Jethro Wood's Patent Plough

Green Wood



Lots of Fish for the Cockneys

Gold in Russia


A New Life Preserver

More about Stalte's Electric Light



The Carpet Manufacture

Diamonds in North Carolina

List of Patents

Ventillating Bed Top

Pneumatic Regulator

French Sewing Machine

Improvement in Carriage Springs

Important Surgical Discovery

Manufacture of Pure Iron

Improvements in Ornametal Mouldings

Improved Morticing Machine

Machine for the Manufacture of Coffee Mills

Improvement in Steam Boilers

Telegraph Invention

Inventor's Claims

Brantz's Unbranning Machine


Important to Emigrants

The Two Grandest Works in the World

Lead Pipe for Domestic Purposes

Infringement of Patents

The Climate of Mexico

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

The Scientific American

Steel Pen Renovator

The Hydraulic Ram

Yankee Manufactory

Transmission of Motion, Speed and Power

The Electric Telegraph


Chemical Analysis

Patent Agency

To Make Good Cheese

Danger of Sleeping Near Burning Lime Kilns

Human Hair

Rotary Gymnastic Wheel

Amusements of Chloroform

Action of a Stream

On Gliding Paper, Parchment and Leather

To Make Sweet Almond Oil

Alloys of Metals


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