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The Paths of Life

Rail Road News

The Midnight Wind

The Star of Love

Atlantic and Pacific Railroad

True Politeness

Champlain Railroad

Opposition to the Telegraph

Quebec Railroad

An Antique

Electric Improvements

Whitfield's Habits

The Atmosphere Never Dark on a Windy Night

Earthquake at Batavia

A Fatal Carouse

The Bonaparte Family

The Doom of Our World

A Precious Volume

Recent Fires

Splendid Fire Engine


Strange Phenomena

New Canal

A New Way to Make Steamboats Swift

Anti Assassin Shirt

Tea Plants

The Baltimore Mechanics' Fair

Iron Convention

The Wooly Horse

The Size and Age of Trees

Decease of a Mechanic Naturalist

Protecting Wall Fruit From Insects

Schiller's Use of Bodily Suffering


Coal on the Pacific Coast

The Carpet Manufacture

Egypt and Her Ancient Arts

Wheat Dibbling Machine

New Cloth Measurer

New Screw Driver

Gas Pipes

Improvement in Faucets

Improvement in Sawing Machines

List of Patents

Stannate of Tin

Steam for Extinguishing Fires

Teller & Dillenback's Improved Water Wheel

Lever Valve Engine

Mission of Education

A Rich Man Gone

The Scientific American

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Another of Hoe's Presses

Model of the Steamship United States

Economy of Power in Cotton Factories

The Russ Pavement


Method of Silvering Cast Iron

The Clasp Coupling Joint


Active Pursuits the Best Cure of Grief

Sound Visible

An Alabama Coal Field

More about Gutta Percha

Customs and Things

Rumsey the First Steamboat Builder

Coal Field on James River Virginia

Universal History

Patent Agency

American Phrenological Journal

Ranlett's Architect

American Railroad Journal

The Minstrel Pilgrim

Traversing Bar

To Make Lake


Speaking Trumpets

Substitute for Chloroform

The Windmill

Heat of the Burning Glass


  • The Bond of the House

  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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April 08, 1848

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