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Remarkable Operation

Reduction of Railroad Fare

Pennsylvania Railroad

Tunnel Through the Green Mountains

The Blind Girl's Song

Railroads in the West

Telegraph Knocked Down

Magnetic Telegraph

Salt a Good Manure for Celery

Machine for Glass Moulding


New Balloon Ship

Independence Bell

Steamboat Explosions

Curious Manuscript of the Hebrew Bible

Mahomedanism and Literature

Honey Moon

Phosphorescent Bodies

An Indian Cairn

Winter Killed Wheat

How to Clothe

Southern Coal

Genial is the Soil of Sorrow

Extraordinary Occurrence

New Mode of Navigation

A Splendid Steamboat

Easy Way to Measure the Quantity of Oxygen in the Atmosphere

A Venerable and Valuable Present

The Player and the Preacher

A Prophecy

A Matrimonial Courtesy

The Minuteness of Creation

Consumption and Ventilation

The Women of Turkey

Winds of Ohio

The American Rifle

Horse Shoe Machines

Self-Feeding Gold Pen

List of Patents

Novel Parasol Sign

Pneumatic Telegraph and Annunciator

A New Mineral Useful in Arts

Window Fastener

Ship Building

New Kind of Paving

Cotton Cleaner

Magnet Water Guage


Scientific American--Bound Volumes


Patents for Combinations

A Government Speculation

Safety of Steam Vessels

Economy of Power in Cotton Factories

Magnetic Action of Matter

Two Important Bills Defeated

Sending Money by Mail

Riding in Cars

Electric Telegraph Experiments

Bell Casting

The Mining Population of Scotland

Preserved Potatoes

Spirit Gas

Harrisburg Furnace Burned

Patent Agency

For Weak Ankles and Wrists


Eccentric for an Uniform Traverse

Benzoin Acid

The Scientific American


Sound Destroyed by Sound

Tracing Paper

Oil of Ben

French Varnish

Pile Driver

Browning Gun Barrels


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    Foreign Correspondence

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April 15, 1848

Confronting Common Wisdom