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J. Massey's Improved Grain Dryer

Screw and Paddle

A Mother's Blessing

Power of Eloquence

Tea in France

Effects of Cannon Balls on Iron Steamers

Rail Road News


Departing Affections

Lucky Dream

A Giant

Important Invention

The Cast Iron Plough

Not Alone

A Rogue Watch

A Hard Head

Late Foreign News

A Red Hot Magnet

The Irish Way to Obtain Heights Which Cannot be Measured

Hanging Machine

The Cotton Steamers of the Mississippi

Sugar in Cuba

Phonographlcal Progress

Mechanics Look to your Accounts

The Hemp Crop

Subterranean Lake

Singular and Successful Operation

Antidote to Arsenic

Pemican, Food for Canadian Hunters

American Porcelain

Ancient Gems

A Wonderful Cure of a Broken Leg

Clarke and Varley's Atmospheric Rail-Road

Terrestrial Magnetism

Explosion of Steam Boilers

A Whale Propeller

List of Patents

Improved Brace Pad

Freligh's Marine Mill

Improvement in Spinning Rollers

Cotton Scraper

Bullet Making

An Elastic Wheel

Window Sash Fasteners

Discharge of Water

The Contracted Vein



Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Patent Infringement,--Reaction Water Wheel

Important Patent Case

Congress and Inventors

A Good Offer

To Subscribers

Ballard Vale Machine Shop

Phenomena of Sound

True Nobility

Experiments in Gunnery



Enormous Bird

Population of the British Empire


Economy of Power in Cotton Factories

Wages of Labor

New Lights on Astronomy

History of the Hat

Advice Gratis

Patent Agency

Manufacture of Tapestry, Rugs, &C

Manufacture of Flax

The Scientific American

Tempering Steel Rollers

Curious Experiment

Case Hardening

French Polish for Boots or Shoes

Tooth Powder

Hints to Ladies

Singular Effects of Attraction

Scenting a Room

Enamelling Iron Vessels

To Prevent Cholera

The Horse Shoe Magnet

Soap as a Manure

New Use of the Tomatoe

To Describe an Oval

To Clean and Restore the Elasticity of Cane Bottom Chairs, Couches, Etc.

Economical White Paint

Mechanical Movements


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    To Correspondents

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