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American Agricultural Implements

Nashville Railroad

Fearless and Faithful

Whitney's Railroad

Singular Error

Connection Between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi

Water Cure

Rail Road News

New Railroad to Philadelphia

Cracker and Biscuit Machine

Words for Today

New Railroad Machine Shop

The Skull of St. Andrew Stolen

Large Exportation of Fruit Trees

Fix the Date

Australian Wheat

Paine's Steamboat

New Mechanical Power

Ancient Mechanical Arts

Sad Case of Hydrophobia

New Steamship America

An Artful Creature

Fruit and Farming. Chesnuts

Reaction Water Wheels

The Atmosphere


Centre of Gravity

New Railroad Brake

New Brick Machine

A New Signal

Improved Railway Brake


Husk Mattressess

New Sewing Machine

New Guage Cock

List of Patents

New Determination of the Sun's Distance From the Earth

Bog Cutters

Bain's Electro Chemical Telegraph

Scientific American--Bound Volumes

Science and Labor

The Scientific American

Economy of Power in Cotton Factories

Cotton Raising and Cotton Spinning

Herman Steamer, at Halifax

American Carriages

Sugar Cane and Sugar

A Deep Pit

Terrestrial Magnetism

Manufacture of Tapestry, Carpets, Rugs, Copying Paintings, &C., by Cementing a Nap or Pile, on Plain Cloth

Patent Agency

St. Louis Saturday Evening Post

A New Semi-Monthly Magazine

Stained Glass

The Automaton Duck of Vaucanson

Mechanical Movements

Economy in Candles

Simple Way to Make Oxygen Gas

Silvering and Gilding by Powdered Tin

Phosphoric Phenomena



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    To Correspondents

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